Your Vulnerability Is Not A Weakness


Why is vulnerability so underrated these days? Our society sees it as a weakness, a plague that needs to be eradicated and replaced with strong wills and stony facades. But why is it something we look down on so much? Why is it something we give little to no value to?

Vulnerability is not a flaw. It is not a shortcoming, not something to apologize for. Vulnerability is something strong, something raw — a sort of power not everyone possesses. And if it’s something you have, you shouldn’t try to hide it.

Because being vulnerable takes strength. You are a person who has weathered the storms, who has braced yourself for every battle, who has fought tooth and nail to be where you are today. And still, despite all the adversity, you have come out on top and unchanged.

Because being vulnerable takes courage. It’s knowing there’s a possibility of being hurt again but opening your doors anyway. It’s being pushed down seven times and getting up eight. No matter how many times you get knocked down, you’ll always stand back up — not because you believe you’ll never get knocked down again, but because you aren’t afraid of it anymore.

Because being vulnerable takes grace. It’s looking someone straight in the eye and saying, “I know you could destroy you, but I’m going to trust you won’t.” It’s giving the benefit of the doubt even if it’s not completely earned. And even if it doesn’t work out, it’s giving someone else a chance, too, because you know not everyone is the same.

Because being vulnerable is honest in a way most people can’t be. It means accepting yourself for everything you are and expecting people to do the same for you. It’s looking the world in the face and saying, “This is who I am. So who are you?”

Those who tell you that your vulnerability is a weakness are the people who are afraid of it, the ones who do not have the courage or the strength or the grace. They are the people who don’t know how to be who they truly are, who hide behind stoic masks in wrap themselves so tightly in denial that no one can else can see them.

So be vulnerable. Open yourself to the world and don’t be afraid of how it could hurt you. Show them that you are unafraid and so, so strong. Be a beacon of light, a stone of hope, a force to be reckoned with. Be wholly and apologetically you.