You’re Allowed To Change Your Mind


You’re allowed to change your mind, your interests, your self. So often we feel compelled to be a certain way, do certain things, say certain words. And maybe once, or twice, we did. And maybe then it was who we were. But you’re allowed to change.

What you once liked won’t always inspire you, what you once felt won’t always resonate with you, what you once sought won’t always engage you. And that is okay.

Please, whatever you do, don’t continue down a path that no longer aligns with you for the sake or comfort of others. You are human, and as humans we are here to evolve. With that comes a sense of letting go of the old to make way for the new.

It is easy for others to pass judgement, to mistake growth for rudeness, that is their business not yours. Let others feel however they need to, but know that you are on the path that is right for you.

This isn’t selfishness.

This isn’t arrogance.

This isn’t ignorance.

This is life. Growth. Evolution.

Whenever we face a realization that perhaps our life is no longer serving us, it is normal to have a level of discomfort rise. Doubts around the path we are on and the path ahead, are normal reactions.

Ask yourself the questions you’re avoiding when this happens, ask yourself why? Why are you feeling uncomfortable about changing? Are you trying to please others? And above all, who is the most important person in your life?

See when you realize, you matter, more than anyone in your life, the decision to grow and step into the discomfort becomes easier. Not easy, but easier. So when you find yourself pretending to enjoy things you once loved, adapting your personality to people around you, talking yourself into things you once desired- ask yourself, is this what I really want? Am I inspired right now? Does this align with my values? And trust the answer you hear.

We are all here for one reason, to grow. So please stop apologizing for it.

Celebrate the growth you are experiencing, and as hard as it is, as uncomfortable as it feels, fight the urge to shrink who you are becoming for the comfort of yourself and others. The right people will celebrate your growth, and the others just aren’t on their own path yet. And that’s okay to, their time will come.

Focus on growing your voice and creating space for others to do the same.

Remember it is okay to change.

Embrace the discomfort.

Evolve into who you are here to be.

Empower others to do the same.