You’re Better Than This (And Better Than Him)


To the girl who’s being strung around by him, you’re better than this.

You are a strong, beautiful woman and you don’t have to be in this situation.

You are loved by others. Please realize this.


He won’t leave her for you, because if he wanted to, he would’ve taken that step months ago.

Stop believing in his words when he says he will eventually make up his mind.

You are a wonderful spirit who deserves to be a priority–not an option.

Beautiful girl, you’re better than this.


That pain you feel inside your heart won’t go away for as long as you stay with him.

Uncertainty will continue to cloud your life, though deep inside you know what the outcome will be.

He told you that he’ll leave her soon, didn’t he?

Sweet girl, don’t buy into his words.

You’re better than this.


I know you love him.

We all understand how painful a heartbreak can be, but we also know that pain is not everlasting.

The thought of losing him may seem too hard to bear so you beat around the bush.

You tell yourself lies about him, about what you have built with him, about reality–until you’ve convinced yourself of your own dishonest truths.

You did all this to buy yourself time, more time with him.

Oh lovely soul, I know you’re better than this.


Be honest with yourself, dear girl.

Dig deep to find the empowering woman that I know you are.

Understand that before he entered your life you were already conquering this world.

You once lit up the day with your bright smile. A smile that confusion has ripped away from you.

You preach the words of Destiny’s Child’s “Independent Woman” but deep inside you live by the lyrics of Sam Smith’s “Leave Your Lover.”

Release yourself from all these denials, sweetheart.

Free yourself from the shackles that his manipulative, cowardly ways have put you in.

Discover the meaning of freedom and find the courage to live this life with the same level of carefree attitude that you once owned before he dragged you down.

Find inspiration in a young girl’s laugh as her father tickles her and realize that you are worthy of that same type of pure love and happiness.

Every ounce of you knows what you have to do and each atom in your body already has the answer to your question.

He is never going to leave her for you.

It doesn’t mean that you’re not good enough, because you’re great!

It means that he’s made the sound decision of not recognizing how incredible you are as an individual.

Know your worth and always value yourself first, all of you.

Beautiful girl, you’re better than this.

Let him go.