You’re Brave Enough To Let Them Go


You meet someone and everything makes sense as they ease themselves into your life. You find yourself getting more attached to them, allowing them to be a part of your daily life.

You begin to pay more attention to the way they speak, the wrinkles around those dreamy eyes you would spend hours staring at, and the way they turn into crescents as their lips stretch to the brightest smile that leaves you breathless over and over again, and how your light touches leave your soul aching for more.

Talking is now a routine, you never seem to get tired of each other and you always have something to laugh about. Words flow so naturally and you get so comfortable that you tell them things you thought you would never say out loud.

You become conscious of their effect on you, when the sound of their voice lights you up and the blush on your cheeks say it all. And one day, out of the blue, something which you didn’t see coming goes wrong and they pull away. They start to ignore you for a lame excuse or stop texting you like they used to do and put an end to what you both had.

Thus, you find yourself stuck inside your own mind, questioning whether you were enough, over-analyzing your last conversations and wondering where you might have messed up.

So, when you are there, overthinking and putting all the blame on yourself, I want you to know that you are NOT the problem.

It’s not your fault that someone decides to leave your life without trying to embrace the idea of you, in the end you are brave enough to let go and look out for someone who is better for you and who is willing to reciprocate.

Someone who isn’t afraid of opening up to you and catching feelings for you. Someone who will work as hard to earn your good heart, show you that they want you as well and absolutely mean it. Keep in mind that if it was any good in it, it would’ve stayed.