You’re Gone, But Don’t Worry, I Still Believe In Happy Endings


The years will pass so quickly, between you closing your eyes at night, and reluctantly opening them in the morning,

I’ll age, I’ll look different next time, my darling dear,

Do not worry, you won’t recognize me after a few years.

I’ll be the voice at the end of the phone,

Asking about your health from an old friend,

You’ll age too, but I’ll always remember the look in your eyes, when you looked at things you liked to remember,

Do not worry, you won’t need to run away from me anymore.

I’ll be the voice in your dream you won’t remember when you wake up,

You’ll be always in my heart,

I’ll always be a forgotten face in your past,

I should feel sad about being so forgettable but I don’t feel anything at all,

Do not worry, I still believe in happy endings, but I don’t look forward to them anymore.