You’re No Longer Kryptonite To Me


Every breakup has its lasting effects, whether we acknowledge it or not, we know it’s there.

The lasting effect of us was that I couldn’t let you go. When you called I answered. When you’d pop up, I’d let you right back in. When you wanted me, I’d willingly comply. Even though you were no longer mine, I couldn’t let you go.

You were my kryptonite.

Far stronger than anyone that came after you, you could bring my weakness out, crippling me to your charm. How was I to fight against that? My other loves didn’t stand a chance, and I suspect they all knew it. Knowing I couldn’t fully love them, they would still try. But what was I to do?

You were my kryptonite.

For years, you held me captive. Never giving me your heart, but never letting go of the control you had over mine. I was your puppet. Only taken out of the case when you needed entertainment, making me dance for your sheer enjoyment, no control over myself, my mind, my heart. You were my master puppeteer.

You were my kryptonite.

But then something happened. He came into my life. At a moment when I least expected it. He was brought to me, placed right in front of my eyes, and still I did not realize it. Quietly he strengthened me, built me up, and helped me get rid of the strings you’d been using to control my heart. One by one I cut them off. He made me forget about you. No longer desire for you. No longer yearn for your presence. You are no longer of importance. He is my cure, and the only one who will ever hold my heart again. The difference is he knows the right way to handle it with care and I know he will always be here.

You once had my heart, but didn’t know how to treat it, but it is ok because you’re no longer my kryptonite.