You’re Not Poetry (You’re Better)


When they love you, they tell you that you’re like the warm rays of sunshine in the early morning. Like soft graze of grass when you’re strolling across a field. Like a cup of warm tea that hugs you from the inside.

They remind you that you make their heart skip a beat every time they sense your presence. They touch your skin and tell you that it’s made out of a heavenly cloth of angels. Your laugh surrounds them with an aura of happiness.

You are all of those things, but there are moments when you don’t feel this way.

Sometimes your hair doesn’t fall the way you want it to. Sometimes you feel like you can be at a loss of words. Sometimes you simply don’t feel at your best.

And it’s okay.

You’re not poetry. You don’t have to be a beautifully structured poem to be incredible. You’re a human, and that’s more than you could ever hope for.

You’re not poetry. You’re not all those romanticized ideas that people have of you. You’re a beautiful person, but you’re also a real person. It’s okay not to fall into one poetic metaphor because you’re way more complex than that. You are multiple things at once, and poetry can’t convey your beauty in just a few short sentences.

You’re not poetry. You’re a mixture of intelligence, beauty, class, and ambition. You’re a magical word that has yet to be discovered, and that’s what makes you unique. Your individuality makes it impossible for you to fall into one category and be labeled. You’re a magnitude of emotions and characteristics, and it’s absolutely okay not to feel okay sometimes.

Being yourself is the only way to thrive. Focusing on all those epithets can drag you down and make you feel worthless, especially when you don’t feel like you’re fitting in. Remember that it’s alright not to be perfect – no one truly is. You’re the best at being you, and no one can take that away from you. Being short or tall, small or big, blue-eyed or brown-eyed… it all doesn’t define who you are.

Don’t let people convince you that you’re poetry. You don’t have to be all those ideas they have of you. You can’t let them convince you to change and fit into the boxes they’ve made for you. People enjoy labels, but you can’t let them label you.

Because you’re not poetry.

You’re so much more than that.