You’re Not Weak, Your Love is Just Strong


You played your cards, you went all in and lost. It was a risk you took without hesitation, and to this day you don’t regret it. It was a bad ending but to you, it was a good try.

People think you’re gullible for believing him, over and over, though you knew somehow his promises were bound to be broken at some point.

You did it because you’re the kind of person who chooses to believe more on the good side than the bad. You’re the type of person who thinks even the worst of people have some good in them.

You gave that little spark of hope a chance. You fought for it and believed you would win, though you were aware that the stakes were high and the odds were low. You wished, you prayed, and you kept hoping. You’ve had all the fears at the back of your head, but you let your love overpower the muddy waters inside your head.

People think you’re stupid for waiting. For waiting long and patiently for something that you knew might not even happen. You waited for him to show up and be the man he promised to be because you loved him that much and you decided to give your love a chance until the day you run out of reasons to. It was like waiting for that first drop of rain during drought but your faith was strong. You sat by the porch all day, trusting it would come. Even your heart and mind argued over whether it ever would, but you believed anyway. The clouds became heavy and dark, but your rain never happened.

People think you’re weak for letting him break your heart, leaving it crushed on the same floor where he stood and asked for it. For letting him melt your heart with his sweet words. You allowed someone into your life despite that terrible fear of the great unknown. You let him hurt you by opening yourself, being vulnerable and almost struggling to take control, to him and to wherever his love might take you. It was both your choice and not your choice to make, but you entered that half-opened door anyway.

They were all right. He failed you. Though it wasn’t your fault, the world gave you a resounding “we told you so.” It’s as if loving him was all wrong and the pain you feel was self-inflicted. You even started to think that they were right about you all along.

But with tears falling down your cheeks, I tell you that you are strong.

You are not gullible, stupid, or weak for holding on, believing in that small ray of light inside the dark hallway of his heart.

Your love is just strong. You are strong, for you did not let the fear of being judged by the world let you give up on love just like that. Strong enough that you gave love a chance despite that possibility of losing.

Your love is strong enough to let yourself lose in trying, rather than lose in missing the chances and sulking in regret.

You are strong to give him and yourself a chance. Even stronger than those people whose hearts never break because they built tall walls around them.

Some people might think they know it all, but they just see the tip of the iceberg. They do not see that huge mountain of ice below, trying to make your heart cold as it remains the same warm heart it was before all the heartache. They do not see the tiny holes around your heart where you turned seeds of sorrow into flowers of hope.

They might think you got it all wrong, but don’t let them tell you that you’re weak. Tell them your love is just strong. And for what it’s worth, you’re going to love again, headstrong and willing to take that risk all over again.