You’re The Book I Could Read Forever


As a bookworm, I can feel different senses when reading. I can see with my eyes the beauty of the book and the words it holds. I can hear the disastrous and engaging sounds that the characters undertake. I can smell the musty scent of each page. I can feel their pain and joy. I can taste each bitter word in my tongue, as if they were meant for me. I feel these five senses whenever I’m reading, and I feel it all too when I’m with you. You are my favorite book, and I will do anything to keep you safe.

You are as fragile as a book, so every inch of you will be taken care of. You are made of captivating lines that makes me want to read you over and over again.

Your body to me is a heavenly soul, for you are filled with absorbing intentions that makes everyone drawn to you. In my eyes, you will always be a prize possession. Everything inside you is outlined in black and white, but when they get to discover you, you are all the colors combined in one. For most times, you make my heart inflate to its fullest extent for the happiness you bring. You make me feel as if I am on a cloud nine, enjoying the weight of the gratifying world. You make me jump out of excitement, and I will cherish each moment, just like how I cherish the most important chapters of a book. Sometimes you make my heart ache, like I am pricking myself into a piercing thorn, when we reach such terrible conflicts. Nevertheless, all these emotions teach me new lessons.

As a bookworm, our moments together are compactly placed into the back of my mind. I will always keep in my mind the little things you do to me, like putting your arms around me on cold days and bringing me something to eat just to cheer me up. I will always remember the way you look at me with your unwavering eyes, and the sound of your laughter that always melts my heart. You have always lived in dark places, where cool breezes settle in, bringing with it the scent of vanilla. I adore lingering into your skin and sniffing your vanilla scent, for it is the most satisfying smell I have ever inhaled. You always make it seem like life is not merely unpleasant, but also delightful. Even though most books I’ve read don’t get a happy ending, I am certain that I’ll get mine with you.

Every book has its own appraisal, and you are a book that I could not put down.

You give people an unexpected turn, like we are riding on an emotional roller coaster. You are also filled with interesting stories, and the words you had to say naturally flows within you, like a sea that is making its way. I adore the saccharine taste of your every line, the way you speak sweet words with your soft voice is the reason I hold you dear. The bitterness and the such, give them all for me to taste. For this is the reason I cling to you 一 flawed but still beautiful. Similar to a book, you often get swept up in a whole other universe. You have a world of your own, with daisies tucked into your ear while humming a happy tune. You always put a twist on everything and make my bones tingle.

Just like a book, your spine may break and your binding might fall apart, but I will still handle you with care. You are flawed and you have your own errors, but I will still keep you. You are the only sanctuary that I go to, you make me feel the most alive. I feel all my five senses whenever I’m with you, and I can’t risk losing that type of feeling. I can’t risk losing all my books, just like how I can’t risk losing you. After all, out of all of the books that I had in my entire life, you are my favorite.