YouTuber Shane Dawson Came Out As Bisexual In Tearjerking Video, The Internet Gives Him The Biggest Hug Ever


Youtuber Shane Dawson posted an emotional video recently where he came out as bisexual. Dawson’s video featured many heavy topics like sexual abuse, body image, struggling to discover an identity, and trying to figure out how to explain that identity (which isn’t really something anyone should have to explain, but we all live in the real world unfortunately).

The video opens with him speaking to how difficult the video was to produce, and how he was truly scared for what might come of it.

I never thought I would be making this ever…but I woke up this morning and I just had to. […] I am making this video because I feel like it could help a lot of people. Over the last year I have been extremely sexually confused.

At many points in the video, he also expressed a desire to “just be gay”, rather than have sexual feelings for both genders:

I always wished that I was gay. That I was just 100% gay. For so many reasons: for number one, that would mean that I knew who I was. Number two, it would be a lot easier for me to be accepted by people because […] I am feminine and it would be so easy to be like ‘I am gay!’ I am not completely gay and I cannot say I am, because that’s not real, that’s not genuine but I also cannot sit here and say I am straight. […] I am bisexual. I have said it out loud once before.

The 14 minute video is long, but jam-packed with emotion and pure heart. It is absolutely worth a full watch.

The internet responded to this raw emotion in an incredibly touching way: with unequivocal support and love.

In the form of comments on his video:

and on social media:

And yeah, there have been some negative comments and reactions too, but they suck.

Finding a label for yourself can be so incredibly hard. Props to Dawson for sharing his story, and hopefully we someday live in a world were you can just love who you love.