Zodiacs Ranked By How Talented They Are When It Comes To Sexting


1. Aquarius

Every Aquarius has what it takes to write erotica. Since they are artists at heart, they are able to come up with creative scenarios and write detailed scenes. They won’t text you something simple like, “I’m horny.” They will weave an entire story meant to turn you on. They will make you feel like you’re really in bed with them.

2. Aries

Aries never hold back, so they will tell you exactly what they want to do to you — and what they want you to do to them. They are unashamed of their sexuality and unafraid of sounding crude, which means that you are going to see the filthiest things written across your screen. Things you’ll have to erase so no one else sees.

3. Capricorn

Capricorns pay close attention to the small group of people who actually matter to them. That means that instead of saying what they think is sexy, they will say what you think is sexy. They will make comments they know will turn you on. It’s like they are inside of your head.

4. Virgo

Virgos are detail oriented, which means that they are going to notice the little things. The way your lips taste. The way your skin feels. The way your perfume/cologne smells. When it’s time to sext, hearing those personalized details will make you feel even more attractive.

5. Taurus

They have perfect memories, which is why they will bring up details from the last time you two had sex. They will compliment you on how hot you looked when you glanced up at them while going down on them. They will remind you how much they love the sound of your soft moans. They will make you feel sexy AF.

6. Pisces

They are fast thinkers — and fast texters. That means that the flow of conversation won’t be ruined by having to wait an hour for their response. You will be able to touch yourself while sexting them, because they won’t let you down. They’ll always have a sexy response ready.

7. Gemini

They keep things simple without going into much detail, but it works for them. They will say things like, “I want you on top of me” or “I’m dripping wet right now” and it will do the trick. They stick to the basics.

8. Libra

Libras can be shy and timid. They probably won’t be the one to initiate an inappropriate conversation. However, if you lead them toward one and they are comfortable with you, they will surprise you with how raunchy they can be. Their minds are dirtier than you think.

9. Sagittarius

Sometimes they get too into sexting and can get carried away. They might use a word you’re uncomfortable with or mention a sex act that you have no interest in performing. Once they’re in the mood, they can take things a little too far. But it’s only because they are so turned on by you.

10. Leo

Leos are visual creatures, which is why sexting isn’t really their thing — unless you consider sending nudes a part of sexting, in which case, they are professionals. They love showing off their body. They love giving other people a reason to shower them with compliments.

11. Cancer

They are the kind of people who will only ask questions instead of contributing to the conversation. And then what? What happens next? They will let you carry the conversation because they like the idea of sexting, but they feel kind of silly doing it themselves.

12. Scorpio

Honestly, Scorpios would rather have sex than talk about sex. If you try to sext them, then they will probably cut to the chase and invite you over to their place. They don’t see why they should fantasize about you in their head when they could have the real thing in the flesh.