Zodiacs Ranked From Wonderful To Sucky Gift Givers



Aquarians practically live to help others, and they’re usually really smart. Both of these qualities combined make for a wonderful gift giver. Their gift will be thoughtful and you won’t even realize it’s something you wanted until you open it, but it will most likely be one of the most meaningful gifts you’ve ever received.


Cancers are super sentimental, and they really appreciate the people who are close to them because they’re close to few. They will get you a gift that speaks to your heart. They’ll remember that one time you told them about your grandmother who passed and how her favorite flowers were roses, and they’ll buy you a necklace with a rose pendant. Their gift is something that will probably make you cry it’s so good.


One of Pisces’ best qualities is their compassion. They are also really intuitive so they’ll just instinctively know what to get you. A Pisces will never ask you what you want for the holidays because they won’t have to, and then you’ll open their gift and think ‘how did you know??!’


Scorpios are GREAT friends. They’re always thinking about you, and they’ll get you a gift that perfectly sums up your relationship. They’re the type to gift you an inside joke that only the two of you understand, which makes it that much better when you open it. They care about you, and they’re going to get you something that makes you think of them and makes you know they care.


Sagittarians are one of the most generous signs of the zodiac. They LOVE to give gifts. The holidays are their favorite time of year because they can’t wait to make everyone they love super happy. Even if they’re on a budget, they’ll find a way to give you something, and you won’t be disappointed.


Virgos notice the little things. They’re super detail-oriented, so they remember not only the important stuff, but the stuff that comes in handy when the holidays roll around and they have no idea what to get you. They’ll notice that your apartment is riddled with rose gold trinkets and accessories so they’ll buy you something that fits into your life perfectly.


Libras want peace and harmony. Holidays are their favorite time of year because everyone comes together and puts their differences aside (hopefully). They’re the peace keeper at your holiday dinner table, and they’ll say, “who wants to open gifts?!” when your crazy uncle brings up anything religious or political. They give good gifts because they’re just overall nice human beings.


You never know what a Gemini is going to gift you. They’re unpredictable, and they are really good at surprising people, which can be both good and bad. They’ll either get you something you LOVE, or they’ll get you something that you honestly don’t even understand.


A Taurus will buy you something practical. You can count on them to get you that one thing you REALLY need. They won’t give you the most meaningful gift, but they will get you something you won’t have to re-gift.


Similar to the Taurus, a Capricorn will gift you something you can actually use. They won’t get you that gift set that you can tell they bought while in the check-out line. They’ll take their time to consider what you want, and what you need, and they’ll somehow find the balance between both.


Leos can be generous, but they also can be pretty self-centered. Their gift might be more about them than it is you. They might get you something that the both of you can enjoy, like concert tickets to a show that you both can go to, or a Groupon to a restaurant the two of you love. Their gifts don’t suck in any way, but it was clearly given to you while they were also thinking about themselves.


An Aries might wait til the very last minute to get you something for the holidays. They’re not really planners. They do things at the spur of the moment, and they’re always running around doing something. They’ll get you something that’s convenient for their energetic, often hectic schedule, like something they got on Amazon prime with free 2 day shipping.