The 10 Best Fictional Girlfriends


1. Topanga Lawrence – Boy Meets World

Topanga is the ultimate fictional girlfriend. She’s pretty and girl-next-door-ish and smart and strong. She holds Cory together and is remarkably devoted to him despite his craziness and high-jinks. Topanga is every one’s dream girl and every dude (or lesbian) growing up in the 90s wanted one of their very own.

2. Carla Espinosa – Scrubs

Carla sticks by Turk through thick and thin, and she doesn’t tolerate nonsense. As head nurse, she’s the only person fierce enough to send the Janitor shaking in his boots. But she still loves her man tenderly and sweetly. She’s a hard worker and she’s independent. Carla is an ambitious, awesome lady any dude would be lucky to have.

3. Emily Fitch – Skins

Emily and Naomi had a turbulent relationship but Emily’s devotion to Naomi always made me sure they were going to end up happy. (Okay, I just really wanted them to end up happy.) Emily is adorable and despite Naomi’s up and downs, she stays, sure of her love for the other girl. Emily is the one you’re rooting for, because she’s a great girlfriend.

4. Daria – Daria

Daria is one cool chick. She’s smart, down to make fun of the collective dumb masses with you and a fan of all the weird, dark, cool books and movies. She’s intellectual and has a sharp sense of humor, which is often pointed into insults. But she’s got a weakness when it comes to her crush Trent Lane and she’s actually a great girlfriend.

5. Jo March – Little Women

Jo is a fighter and tomboy. She’s strong and passionate and opinionated. I mean, who wants a dead fish girlfriend? Gross. Gimme someone with life! She reads and writes and is super intelligent and independent, but when she meets her match, she decides “to share life’s burdens.” That’s a ride or die chick right there.

6. Summer Roberts – The OC

Summer Roberts started out as a snobby socialite and ended up being the downest, most devoted, most understanding and wonderful girlfriend a nerd could have. She engages in a Spiderman kiss, she dresses up in superhero costumes, and she indulges all of Seth’s little geeky eccentricities. She’s also her own person who is full of spark, sass and personality — but she can soften when she needs to.

7. Princess Leia – Star Wars

What a down-ass babe. Princess Leia shoot guns, kicks butt and generally rules. She saves the day and goes toe-to-toe with her man, Han Solo. If you need to traverse the galaxy with a strong woman, Princess Leia is your dame. She’s one of the best women in fiction in general and then she also creates a perfect foil to Han’s uncouth maverick. Perfect space girlfriend.

8. Hermione Granger – Harry Potter

Who doesn’t love Hermione Granger? She’s the smartest witch in the world and she’ll save your wizard bottom two times a day no sweat. She’s beautiful and down to Earth and incredibly loyal. Hermione’s first to realize she loves Ron and that vulnerability is so powerful, leading to their destined hookup. She’s basically the perfect bookish wifey-for-lifey.

9. Sloane Peterson – Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

Talk about going along for the ride. Sloane is just as mischievous and silly as her boyfriend, Ferris, and she’s a perfect match to all his wacky adventures. Can you imagine someone like Ferris without a free-spirit like Sloane? She’s perfect. And she’s kind to his neurotic friend, Cameron. Sloane just wants to have fun and she’s flexible, understanding and down for whatever. One coooool chica.

10. Monica – Friends

Once Monica and Chandler became a couple, Friends got an amazing new dynamic that became the stable core of the group. Monica is the group’s Mother Hen and obsessively compulsive but she’s an awesome girlfriend to Mr. Bing. Though she can be high-strung, she’s fiercely loyal and loving and puts up with a lot of shenanigans from Chandler and his partner-in-crime Joey. Not only is Monica a great girlfriend, she becomes a super sweet wife and mom.

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