10 Body Truths


1. Your body is beautiful because it houses you and allows you to experience the things you love. Your ears hear your favorite song, your eyes see a beautiful day, the love of your life, and let you read like you are doing right now. Your mouth allows you to enjoy dinner out with your friends tonight and your mind allows you to comprehend your vast and incredible experiences. Your legs carry you from place to place and your arms let you hold the people you love. Don’t see your body for how you think it restricts you, but rather for the incredible things it allows you to do.

2. Your are a spiritual being having a physical experience, meaning your body is here for the purpose of enabling your experience. It is meant to be kept up and respected, not starved and punished.

3. Your stomach is supposed to curve and roll when you bend over. Don’t clench your jaw everytime this happens, it’s healthy and normal. Also, most people don’t have a thigh gap. A space between your legs is a disgusting goal to have.

4. Thinner does not mean more attractive. I know this is terrible but I can think of quite a few women who I would not consider particularly gorgeous who are of a small stature. Likewise, some women who would be classified (and/or classify themselves) as “overweight” are absolutely stunning. Thinner does not mean more attractive.

5. You are supposed to eat when you are hungry.

6. You should not be able to see your bones sticking out.

7. If you are naturally thin, that’s fine too. You’re not less of a woman (or man!) because you aren’t large in the right ways. I think people sometimes forget that this weight continuum stress goes both ways.

8. “Healthy” is subjective and means that your body functions to the extent that you want it to. Same thing goes for being “in shape.” If you want to live your life debilitated and still consider yourself in good standing, it is your body and your prerogative. I would suggest following what would be considered medically healthy, or in other words, the way in which you will be able to maintain and preserve your body and avoid illness.

9. Overall, your body is nobody else’s business. Some would say that it is also the business of a partner/partners you are intimate with, but I disagree with that as well. Do not change yourself for the sake of someone else thinking you are attractive.

10. Love is greater than any fear and insecurity. Has anyone ever told you that only skinny girls find love? I really hope not. Love yourself and let others love you for who and what you are. It’s been my experience that we are far more judgmental of ourselves than anyone ever is of us.

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