Solange is fascinating. She’s beautiful, talented, and I would just love to kiki with her about different kinds of stuff. You know I love Beyoncé, but you don’t kiki with Bey. You’d think it sucks living in the shadow of your world-famous older sister, especially if you’re trying to make it as an artist on your own. But that’s the thing: Solange doesn’t really live in Beyoncé’s shadow. Their artistic visions are completely different. Solange is inspired by New Wave music and has worked with top indie artists like Chromeo and has performed with The xx. So basically, Solange has managed to create an image and a sound for herself that is worlds away from Beyoncé’s, a space in the middle of R&B, soul, and indie culture.


Today is big news in Solange land. She announced her own record label that will release all of her music, giving her that 100% artistic control. Then she dropped “Look Good With Trouble [ft. Kendrick Lamar],” a reworked track from her sultry, critically acclaimed EP True. A shorter, Lamar-less version of the track already appeared on the EP but the reworked track allowed her to smooth the song out even more. “I wrote and recorded ‘Look Good With Trouble’ as a prelude to ‘Bad Girls,'” Solange told Complex. “But decided to create it as a full song and add the brilliant storytelling of Kendrick Lamar.”


“Look Good With Trouble” is dreamy and ethereal, with chilling coos, harmonies and arpeggios that evoke the best of 90s R&B, even as it explores the depths of electronic music. Kendrick Lamar enters towards the end and brings the song to its conclusion. It’s one of Solange’s best works since her mesmerizing cover of “Stillness Is The Move” by Dirty Projectors.

Here’s to looking forward to that Solange full-length.

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