10 Little Struggles You’ll Only Understand If You’ve Lived Alone


If you’ve ever had a roommate, I know you’ve thought about the day that you will finally be able to live on your own. You won’t wonder who keeps messing with your Netflix recommended list, or who didn’t buy more toilet paper, or who left one piece of pizza in the fridge. (Real talk: The serving size of pizza is never one slice. At least leave two.) But when that day comes, it takes a little getting used to. Living on your own can be hard, but who doesn’t like having their own space!?

1. It’s ok for your Friday plans to be a night on the couch with popcorn and Netflix.

It’s been a long week, you deserve to relax and unwind in your comfortable PJs. That’s probably what you’d be thinking about if you were wearing a tight dress and heels at a bar while being chatted up by the most ineligible bachelor anyway. (Plus, we know you’re only entertaining the conversation for a free drink.)

2. It’s ok to have a freezer full of frozen meals and a fridge full of wine.

So maybe the frozen meals should come with a side of vegetables…and an even bigger side of wine. Real food is expensive anyway.

3. It’s ok to feel lonely.

It’s only natural to be lonely, but learning to love your own company is one of the most important things you can do for yourself.

4. It’s ok to check the mail once every two weeks.

Who is mailing you things anyway? Sorry, Grandma.

5. It’s ok to not clean up your room.

There are only two circumstances under which your room should be relatively neat: 1) when your parents come to visit 2) when you bring a girl/guy home. Otherwise, your unmade bed and the pile full of laundry on the floor really aren’t hurting anybody.

6. It’s ok to force yourself to go out.

And you really should. Once your home alone, it’s so much harder to motivate yourself to go meet friends for dinner or drinks after work or on the weekends, but (and disregard #3 here)

7. It’s ok to be scared of the dark and loud noises.

The key here is to turn the light on in the next room before turning the light off in the room you’re currently in. But really, the dark is no joke, especially when you’re alone.

8. It’s ok to slowly acquire what you need for your apartment.

Furnishing your own apartment is dauntingly expensive. You don’t need to buy an entire house-worth of furniture just yet, focus on the daily essentials.

9. It’s ok to ask people to help you do things around the house.

Because putting together that IKEA bed really does take two people. Even if you could do it yourself, the company is nice.

10. It’s ok to wish you had a roommate again.

Because as great as being alone can be, people are pretty great too.