You Are Allowed To Do Whatever You Need To Do To Heal


I spent this Valentine’s Day weekend getting in touch with my hippie side. One of my best friends flew out to see me and I made her take part in my weekend adventure of getting back in touch with my inner self. And by made her, I mean she was a fully willing participant. The first day we spent in one of the most beautiful places in the mountains. Sometimes just being around nature can invoke soul searching. The second day we did this amazing yoga/reiki/meditation workshop run by my yoga teacher/close friend/soul sister. It was one of those experiences that make you really look at everything you have going on.

I have never been a very hippie person but after this weekend I can tell you that if I could go back to the 60s and experience it at its height then I definitely would. I’d smoke a ton of weed, burn a lot of incense, eat only organic, wear ponchos and wreak of patchouli. And of course, do a ton of meditation.

These past few weeks my anxiety and depression have been heightened. During the day I managed to keep it together at work but at night I’d slip deeper and deeper into the darker places of my soul. I have never been one to believe in all the hippie-dippie yoga/meditation things for the mental portion but now I’m a firm believer. When my yogi friend told me I should really look at doing a cord cutting meditation, I decided I’d let her do it for me.

I’ve been meaning to cut the cords a lot lately, especially with people who no longer serve me.

Sometimes we show up for people who aren’t showing up for us and allow them to take pieces of us with them as they go. We let them walk on us and treat us as less than because we believe in their presence that we are less than. I know because I do this a lot.

I laid on my back and listened to my friend take me deeper into the corners of my heart that I’ve been pushing aside. She told me to call forward the person who was causing me such strife and when I did I saw the person who I’ve been wrestling with for the past few months. He smiled. I told him everything I needed too. Then I cut the cord. And then I felt relief. In this meditation you’re asked to then hand the knife to the person you’re cutting the negative cord with.

In my realm, with my person, he held the knife and shook his head. When I came back to room and opened my eyes I realized the load on my back had gotten a lot lighter. Then I checked my phone. The person I had just cut the cord with had texted me. After a week and a half of radio silence, there he was. Blowing up my phone. The Universe is a very powerful thing.

Meditation isn’t for everyone. Whatever you’re dealing with is effecting you whether you realize it or not.

If you allow yourself to sit with these feelings and acknowledge that they exist is when you’ll be able to deal with them. You’ll be able to move on. You’ll be able to feel free.

Maybe for you, you find relief when you get lost in an amazing album by that singer who magically sings the soundtrack to your current life. Or maybe you deal with your pain when you talk to that friend who just gets it. The friend that lets you be. Or maybe you’re like me and find yourself when you’re letting one of your friend’s guide you to a place you’ve needed to acknowledge for a while.

Whatever the method is for you to heal, allow yourself to do that. Allow yourself to find out what you’ve been running from. Allow yourself to be you. Ultimately you deserve to be happy and be the positive, best version of you.