10+ Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Products To Buy


If you’re considering a kitchen renovation, one of the most popular styles for the past few years that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere is rustic and farmhouse-inspired.

This style can be traced back to the 1700s when settlers were building actual farm homes in which to live. Today, homes designed in the farmhouse or rustic style are quaint, cozy but utilitarian, and focus on natural elements and organic designs. There’s a sense of groundedness and tradition that comes from a more rustic-styled kitchen, which is why there’s been such a significant resurgence in their popularity. 

Farmhouse styling went out of fashion after the Great Depression when bold colors, synthetic materials, and contemporary fixtures became the fashion of the day. In the last few years, though, the homey coziness of rustic design has once again become a popular style, likely because the advent of the digital age and the Internet is making us crave things that feel “real.” What better way to do that than in our homes? Popular designers such as Chip and Joanna Gaines through their home-renovation show have also helped bring the style back in recent years, as their tastes are characterized by a modern take on rustic charm. 

What Is A Farmhouse Style?

Farmhouse style is the perfect blend of old-fashioned and practical, as it involves using many of the home’s original features (or replications of original features) while still focusing on having just what you need, and no more or less. However, if your home doesn’t consist of any of its original features, it’s still possible to transform it into something that looks homey while still up-to-date and fully functional.

  • Comfortable 
  • “Homey”
  • Utilitarian 
  • Single-family-home styled
  • Rustic
  • Uses natural materials
  • Exposed woods
  • Original home fixtures 

How To Create A Modern Farmhouse Kitchen

If you’re unsure where to start, consider using a mood board or style guide to begin. Piece together images from kitchens you love to ensure that the look will be cohesive. When you’re merging two styles, it can sometimes be easy to incorporate a bit too much of one over another, and the result will be something that lacks flow and cohesiveness. 

Consider also the impact that your redesign will have on the rest of the home. Alternatively, if nothing else in your home is styled in a modernly rustic way, perhaps pull the main color from another room’s palette and use it as the pop of color in your kitchen. This way, you’ll at least allow one or two things to flow or match.

Farmhouse Style Kitchen Faucets

More than anything, your farmhouse kitchen faucet should be utilitarian and either a simple metal or neutral color. Often, you’ll find that people use white or oil-rubbed bronze faucets in farmhouse kitchens, as white is a major staple of the style, next to the original wood. 

[tc-product id=”jwqmutor” highlight]

This faucet is the perfect “farmhouse” look while still being sleek and functional. With rounded detailing at the top and midsection of the nozzle and multiple finishes to choose from, this would compliment any space perfectly.

[tc-product id=”jivhxqsh”]

This faucet is reminiscent of a traditional one you’d find in an actual traditional farmhouse from many centuries ago, but with all of the function of a modern piece. With a large arched bridge, double temperature throttles, and that classic, symmetrical but intricate design factor, it has the ultimate traditional farmhouse kitchen style. We worked with Emily Henderson on her LA home, and she included a version of the Chesterfield faucet in her kitchen.

[tc-product id=”anwfaeam”]

If you’re looking for a more simplistic yet on-trend style with a bit of flair, this could be the faucet for you. Featuring a classic build but with the added feature of angular, squared-off designs at the base and tip of the nozzle. 

[tc-product id=”zwvmgq”]

This stunning double temperature throttle and separate sprayer are perfectly aligned with a traditional farmhouse design while offering all of the functions and utility that you’d want in a modern space. 

Farmhouse Style Kitchen Sinks

A typical farmhouse sink is white (also known as an apron sink), will sit below the counter, have a single, large basin perfect for washing both large pots and pans and babies, and an exposed front edge. We should also note that farmhouse sinks come in a variety of materials, with stainless steel, fireclay, and enameled cast iron is the most popular. If you fall in love with a fireclay sink, you’ll need to take some measures to be sure your cabinetry can support its weight, which can go up to about 300 pounds.

[tc-product id=”snlyvywg”]

Simple and straightforward, this sink is perfect for the small to a midsize farmhouse kitchen. Coming in the shades white and parchment, it’s a classic accessory for the space you’re envisioning. 

[tc-product id=”mnavykpa”]

This farm sink is unique in that it has an extended front basin so it can remain exposed, while also having open sides next to the basin so that you can install it more easily if your countertop was not originally designed to house a larger farm sink. The Whitehaven is also the first farmhouse sink on the market that allows for a retrofit with preexisting cabinets, so installing them will be significantly cheaper than a whole remodel.

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If you’re looking for the aesthetic of a farm sink with the utility of a larger space, consider this double-basined option. With enough room for everything you could want to do in a kitchen as well as a unique striped groove in the front of the exposed part, this is another product that incorporates a taste of modernity into a classic piece.

Farmhouse Style Lighting & Pendants

Lastly, you’ll want to select the perfect lighting fixtures that complement your farmhouse aesthetic. Classic farmhouses didn’t use a lot of modern lighting, which is why selecting your pendants carefully is so important. You can use this as an opportunity to incorporate something more modern or a sleek, rustic design. Either way, a pendant is what you’ll use above a kitchen table or island. It’s different than recess lighting in that it’s much more visible; therefore, the styling is important.

[tc-product id=”vggmnhsa”]

This fixture is probably the most similar to what would have been used in a real farmhouse back in the day. With an industrial touch, this feature utilizes a straight metal rod down the center and exposed lightbulbs dipping from it. 

[tc-product id=”eojgek”]

This gorgeous light fixture would be perfect in larger kitchens or even an adjoining dining room. While the design of the fixture is definitely more on the minimalist side, the candle-like arms and lamps are what make this a great fixture to place over a table or even a kitchen island. 

[tc-product id=”vreavykv” highlight]

Airing more on the newer side, this could be the perfect light fixture for someone looking to add a touch of Industrial design to a farmhouse kitchen. This fixture still uses classic farmhouse elements, like circular metal braces placed in a unique pattern and exposed lightbulbs. 

As with everything in home design, it’s about creating the farmhouse kitchen that you most enjoy. Remember that no two homes are meant to look alike, so you’re just trying to piece together inspiration from what you’ve seen other people do and you’ve enjoyed. There’s no wrong way to go as long as it’s a space that makes you feel most at home.