10+ Rustic Kitchen Products You Should Buy Now


Rustic style is typically a combination of multiple styles, such as what you’d find in a Tuscan, farmhouse, cottage, or, most commonly, log cabin. This means that there’s a focus on raw elements, heavy and stable woods, local artisan handiwork, exposure to the elements (perhaps through large windows or fireplaces), and darker features complemented by a neutral and Earth-toned color palette, accented by perhaps a featured shade or two that is still natural but that coordinates. Think of burnt orange, for example.

Rustic style is perhaps what you’d imagine if you stepped into a luxury log cabin. Imagine exposed wood poles, natural textures in the linens, dark stained woods, and an emphasis on cozy, warm, passed-down furniture pieces that are sturdy and timeless. Though some people may misperceive rustic as more masculine than feminine, that doesn’t have to be the case. If you pair rustic pieces with warm tones, cozy touches, and other elements that make your space feel welcoming, a rustic space can make your home feel like a relaxing vacation by the lake every day.

Though you might be picturing a great living room with a floor-to-ceiling stone fireplace and oversized, exposed structures, perhaps you haven’t thought of another room that looks absolutely amazing with a rustic design: the kitchen. 

Rustic has become more popular in recent years thanks to designers such as Chip and Joanna Gaines, who incorporate a lot of Rustic style into their minimal but modern designs. In addition, a return to nature and the outdoors is increasingly more common; think of the trend in glamping or the classic family vacation at the cabin.  

Style Definition Of Rustic

If you want to create a Rustic space, you should stick with the following style guides:

  • Organic shapes
  • Natural, Earth-tone colors
  • Unpolished woods
  • No synthetic materials
  • Repurposed furniture
  • Exposed elements
  • Heavy, natural textures
  • Patterns seen in nature
  • Darker features

Rustic Style Inspiration

Though you can know what the elements of a Rustic space are, you might need to hone in on exactly how you build a kitchen inspired by one. 

Remember that you’ll want to start getting your inspiration from spaces that are a relatively similar size and shape to your own. Once you nail down exactly what you want the end result to look like (perhaps through creating a mood or inspiration board), you can begin choosing your new appliances and pieces. 

Remember to consider other rooms of your home, and ensure that the space is cohesive. It doesn’t necessarily have to match, but it does have to flow. On top of that, piece together the appliances and fixtures you’re most interested in, and make sure that they work together. Keep in mind that one or two statement pieces are often enough to communicate the style of a room. You don’t need every single item to scream Rustic, but you do need to ensure that everything you choose around it will work with what you’ve chosen. 

If you aren’t sure where to begin with those items, start with some of our favorite picks:

Rustic Faucets

Though you might think that it would be difficult, if not impossible, to find a new faucet that fits in with a Rustic design (newer faucets tend to be polished and sleek, not Rustic and timeless), you’d be incorrect. There are so many options out there for a faucet that blends in beautifully with an earthy and grounded kitchen, and these are a few of our favorites.

[tc-product id=”qpnoyeah”]

With a natural shape and color, this faucet comes with Touch2O technology, meaning that it’s the perfect mix of rustic design and innovative technology. You can get all the aesthetics of a Rustic kitchen without sacrificing the utility of a modern space.

[tc-product id=”kagvzpyr”]

Sticking with the darker, brownish color and worn edges, this faucet is the perfect mix of Rustic as well as Traditional. The shape is reminiscent of what you’d find on a classic kitchen sink, making it the perfect option for anyone looking to create a sense of hominess and nostalgia. 

[tc-product id=”uipcpzpo” highlight]

If you’re looking to create a Rustic kitchen but want to add a modern twist, this might be the faucet for you. With a sleek, straight design and minimalist features, this faucet merges the two styles beautifully. In fact, you might even argue that its no-fuss, natural construction makes it even more Rustic than other options. Plus, it still comes in that darker-hued Earth tone that makes it fit in well with other Rustic elements.

Rustic Sinks

When it comes to sinks, you should think about utility. In a Rustic home, it’s all about what’s practical and natural, and when it comes to your sink ware, focus on that, as opposed to a glossy new acrylic feature.

[tc-product id=”znepk”]

This gorgeous onyx-colored sink would complement a natural wood countertop or exposed wall beautifully. With dark features and minimalistic, straight design, it’s the best of both worlds.

[tc-product id=”ngbezfv” highlight]

If you’re opting for one of our favorite Rustic faucets, this would be the perfect complement to go along with it, especially if you want a faucet that’s more detailed in design. With a coordinated brownish but worn finish and minimalist design, this sink allows a more detailed faucet to stand out. 

[tc-product id=”xzreeo”]

If you’re looking for a true statement piece, this triple basin sink might do the trick. With a gorgeous, worn copper finish and ample space for cooking, cleaning, and whatever else you might want to do in the kitchen, this piece could be the defining factor for making your space decidedly Rustic.

Rustic Pendants & Lighting

Of course, you can’t finish a kitchen without considering the lighting. When it comes to Rustic fixtures, grab inspiration from more Gothic or Victorian designs, or perhaps even Industrial or Modern. It’s going to depend on what your personal style is and what you want the end result to be. 

[tc-product id=”yludxbaf”]

This chandelier features six lights with exposed bulbs, a rope and chain hanging feature, and a broader, rectangular base that’s often found in many Rustic homes. It’s reminiscent of a traditional but upper-scale log cabin fixture, which makes it perfect for your cooking or dining space.

[tc-product id=”moaqwsvg”]

With an almost Mid-Century undertone to the build, this fixture is perfect if you want to bring a touch of warmth and style to your kitchen. With a circular fixture and exposed bulbs, this chandelier would be perfect mounted right above an island or small table. 

[tc-product id=”xduvbjgk” highlight]

If you’re looking to add some dramatic, almost Gothic flair to your Rustic space, consider this oversized chandelier. With traditional exposed metal, circular bases, and exposed bulbs on top of that, it’s the perfect addition to a kitchen or dining space with high ceilings and a lot of room to not only spare, but also illuminate. 

Your Rustic Style Kitchen & Home

Remember that ultimately, it’s about creating a space that makes you feel most comfortable, inspired, and at home. You want your kitchen to feel like a getaway at all times, and creating that for yourself is going to require you to step outside the box and build something that you’re proud of. Whether you’re daring to try a new style or sticking to what you love, keep these tips in mind as you go forward.