10 Of Rob Ford’s Most Hilarious Moments As Canada’s ‘Crack Smoking Mayor’


Rob Ford was a Mayor of the Canadian city of Toronto who received heavy media attention after he was busted smoking crack. The rest of his term was characterized by bizarre and outlandish behavior (such as drunken rants and relapses into cocaine) until the City Council stripped the majority of his power away. Ford passed away this past week, lending us an opportunity to look back upon his term as Mayor.

1. When he just wanted to enjoy a freaking glass of milk

2. When he tried to distract the City Council with a reggae band

3. That time he “busted his balls” (literally) while celebrating Canada’s Olympic victory

4. The day he just wanted to have fun at the park


5. Okay, yeah, that one time he was busted for smoking crack


6. Or this great photo of him getting tickled


7. When he made bobbleheads of himself an they sold like CRAZY

8. Or like, when he had this interesting discussion of his sex life

9. When he threatened to kill some guy in a drunken rant, and the video got leaked

10. And as all Americans made fun of him — and the fact that his popularity withstood it all — we didn’t realize our time was soon to come…

Rest in peace Rob Ford.