You Need To Get Out Of Your Routine And Live Your Life


“Routine is the Enemy of Time”- Jedidiah Jenkins

I was raised a good kid, grew into a successful student and will soon become a professional. I attended college out of state, traveled to third world countries and climbed tall mountains.

I will not sit in a cubical all day.

I will work in an industry that is forever changing and exciting.

I am considered lucky to have this life, but am I living?

There are 1,440 minutes in a day. 840 of those minutes I will spend at the gym, at work and cooking. 480 minutes are spent sleeping at night. That leaves, at most, 120 minutes of “me” time. Add in traffic or an extra half hour at work and I barely have thirty minutes to get ready for bed. So why am I choosing to live like this? Is my adventure-driven self actually money-driven? Is “success” just a pigeonhole today?

Looking into my future as a healthcare leader: Wake up at 5:35 am, hit snooze until 5:40 am, go to the gym, be at work by 8:30 am, leave work by 6:00 pm and be home cooking dinner by 7:00 pm. This will be how I go through every Monday through Friday until I reach retirement age (at least another 40 some years).

Once I have saved my money and the routine seems to finally be over, I will be too old to adventure and see the world. So what was I really working for after all those years went by?

Be afraid of your decisions. Get out of your routine.