10 Real Reasons Your College Friends Are Forever


College is somehow the best, worst, messiest, most fun yet disastrous times of our lives, with lots of tears and laughs thrown in the mix.

College is everything you dreamed of, but nothing you could actually imagine and the number one reason it’s so wonderful is because of the people you’ve got standing by your side.

Your college friends will be there for life.

1. They’ve seen you at your best and your worst. They watched you when you got an A on the test you were convinced you’d fail and they’ve also seen you walk of shame home in the morning when you got way to drunk the night before and probably made a bad decision. They’ve seen you when you’re happy jumping on the couch for no reason and they’ve always seen you when they’re holding your hair back over the toilet. And no matter what, they’ve still loved you and haven’t judged you too hard.

2. There are no boundaries in your relationship. Remember that one time you did something totally out of line and they forgave you for it? Yeah, that’s true friendship right there. And remember that one time you needed someone to talk to about a weird sex question? Yeah, they were that for that, too.

3. You’ve proved you can live together. Even if living with them was a bit of a disaster you still had one hell of a time with them when things were going well. And honestly, those stacks of dishes didn’t matter that much because they eventually got done.

4. You’ve been there through all the bullshit. Remember that dude who broke her heart and she cried for hours before she eventually went back to him after swearing this time she was done? Yep. She’s been there for you through that, too. You’ve each had each others backs when things got rough.

5. You’ve got no secrets. There were never any secrets you could keep from each other so everything was always laid out on the table. It made things a hell of a lot easier because then your story never got mixed up and you never got caught in a lie.

6. They’ve always got your back. If you’re about to make a stupid decision they won’t hold back at all and will tell you you’re about to make a stupid decision. But once you go ahead and do it regardless, they will still be there for you because that’s what best friends are for.

7. They always want the best for you. Sometimes you will hate them because they’ll push you to do things you don’t necessarily want to do because they know it’s what’s best for you and that’s a good friend. Sometimes you lean on them like a crutch looking for them to say “yeah you shouldn’t go” but instead they tell you that it would be stupid not to go. They’ve got your best intentions at heart because there’s nothing worse than watching someone you care about fail.

8. Even after your graduate it’s like nothing changed every time you see each other. Honestly, it sucks not living or seeing your best friends every day anymore, but when you do see them it’s like nothing changed. You can still laugh about the same things and reminisce on all the good times you used to have.

9. They always know what you need to hear. They know what will trigger you and what will help you when you’re feeling down or upset. They know the right ways to comfort you and when to let you have your space. They’re truly one of your biggest support systems and they’re always there when you need them.

10. You’ll be there for each other’s most important days.  You were there for each other’s college graduation and any awards received. You were there for birthdays and breakups. And in the future you’ll get to be there for each other’s weddings and kids and vacations. Just because college is over doesn’t mean the good times you have together will end. Life is only getting started.