10 Things An Alpha Personality Needs In Order To Thrive


More often than not, working with an alpha personality is tricky and hard because they tend to dominate everything around them. When the condition fails to meet their standards, an alpha personality is most likely to quit. Thus, here are certain things that can be the key to making sure an alpha thrives.

1. New challenges

An alpha personality loves to be challenged and they’re bored easily. They are adventurous by default and tend to seek for projects which require them to learn new things. An alpha personality is open-minded and they easily adapt to new experiences. Thus, don’t hesitate to give them hard challenges as they will thrive to confront them and solve them.

2. Clear missions and goals

Before involving themselves in a project, an alpha will likely to explore more about its objective, output expectation, and the process to finish it. They will work well on tasks which resonate with their personal values and principles. An alpha likes clarity because once they involve themselves in a project they will give you all or nothing.

3. People’s achievements

An alpha personality is usually competitive and their need for achievements is something they always want fulfilled. Thus, it’s easy to use that in order to get them to achieve more. Those achievements will boost their energy and make them work harder. An alpha will compete with others in a good way.

4. Supportive colleagues

Even though an alpha usually chooses to work alone, they love team work as well. They love to brainstorm their ideas with other people and they love to hear feedback. An alpha realizes that they can’t work alone because great ideas always come from a cooperative collaboration with others.

5. Passion

Finding their passion is crucial because an alpha will only work for the things they love to do. No matter what the rewards are, an alpha will always choose the projects which resonate with their passion. Their goals aren’t just about earning money, but also about living their lives to the fullest. Acknowledge their passion, find the suitable task for them, and an alpha will do anything to accomplish it.

6. Role models

Role models are crucial for aplphas. An alpha likes clarity, so an actual example of a person makes it easier for them to set goals and plan some strategies. Role models will also be the source of motivation for an alpha, because back to basics, an alpha’s need for achievement has to be fulfilled.

7. Freedom

An alpha loves freedom and has strong opinions towards everything. They always know what they’re doing and they will do things their own ways while avoiding breaking rules. So don’t tell them exactly how to do things, but tell them the end goals. Creativity and uniqueness are two things which an alpha possesses.

8. High pace of productivity

An alpha personality is easily bored. They like to analyze things and don’t like to wait, so give them the tasks which require them to not only create the concept, but also implement the plan. Keeping an alpha productive is the main key to maximizing their potential.

9. Less drama

Drama is the last thing that an alpha wants to happen. They hate arguing over small and stupid things, and they prefer to find solutions rather than finding who’s right or vice versa. A drama-free atmosphere will make an alpha thrive more because it makes them more focus on the goals instead of worrying over other people’s feelings.

10. High standards

An alpha personality is an idealist and has their own standards. When you’re working with an alpha, make sure you’re acknowledging their standards and negotiate with them to meet said standards. An alpha will compromise if you give them enough reasons why some  of their standards weren’t achievable.

In the end, an alpha personality will thrive if people give them space to be themselves. An alpha doesn’t always need guidance, but they need to be trusted.