‘The Office’ Might Make A Comeback, But There’s A Catch


Is there truly a person alive who didn’t love The Office? We may have all cringed nearly every time Michael Scott opened his mouth, but most of us can’t deny we had a soft spot for the sitcom and its cast of quirky characters. Well, I’ve got some good news: you may get to watch all your favorite Dunder Mifflin characters on the small screen again soon.


That’s right, get ready for more pranks, more uncomfortable jokes and more Jim and Pam — well, maybe.

Apparently NBC is interested in reviving the show, which lasted 9 seasons and garnered a huge following. While nothing is currently in the works, NBC Entertainment chairman Bob Greenblatt definitely thinks it could be a possibility in the next few years. It’s no guarantee, and they can’t even promise the same cast, but it’s still something for Dunder Mifflin fans to look forward to.

If you’re anything like me, you’re probably STOKED to hear that one of the most enjoyable shows on cable television may be making a comeback, but I’ll be honest, I’m a little wary. What would a revival entail? Will we see where Michael Scott ended up and whether or not Jim and Pam truly had their happily ever after? Or worse, will we have to deal with a whole new cast of characters?I’m not sure anyone could hold a candle to Dwight Schrute. Writers, if you mess up my show I will be devastated. DEVASTATED.

But, you know, for now, I’ll take it — they may be just teasing us, but just the thought of seeing my favorite office workers all hanging out again makes me feel all fuzzy inside. NBC is also interested in seeing 30 Rock and The West Wing come back, so who knows — maybe all our dreams will come true.