10 Things Best Friends In College Do For You, Which You Probably Take For Granted


1. If you are a slow eater then you can relate. People share my lunch-table with me, they eat, do small talk and go. The only people who stick around are ‘my people’. They are my best friends. They would eat lunch twice, or eat at my pace, so that I don’t have to do so alone. They would scold me sometimes for it when I take more than an hour to finish up. But that is only when it is more than an hour.

2. During exam-time preparation, did you ever find a copy of notes with your name written on it, or a reading hand-out of a missed class which you can swear you didn’t remember to collect later? They were only taken care of by your group of friends who care too much about you to take credits for such ‘small things’.

3. I have messed up a lot of times when it comes to my college-time crushes. I do and say a lot of things which are so inappropriate that it can not only make the guy grab his pants and run for his life, but can also be the topic of laugh in the whole society for many years to come. I wonder why it has never turned out that way, and why are people not already laughing about my stupid behaviour from ‘that night’s party’. Oh wait, I think I know. It is because my best-friends burnt their energy oils going around and clarifying to everyone everything. Oh that, that she only said because she totally mistook you for somebody else, what with all the disco lights and the too much crowd. We are really sorry if you felt weird.

4. Ever felt thankful when you wake up in the morning to a bad hangover, but nevertheless find yourself changed to your night-suit, and in your correct hostel bed? No? Then feel it now, bitch, you acted like a total clown the previous night…

5. You are ill. Your friends tell you to go and sleep and that they would make you somehow pass the class test. So you go to bed like an idiot not knowing a word about the next day’s test, and then in the morning in class you sit like a silent bag of liability beside your friend, expecting her to make you copy every word of what she writes and not only that, she also has to write every letter very clearly and in a straight font (no italics) so that it is easily comprehensible to your from your chair. And guess what, she even waits for you to finish writing so she can turn the page over and resume. Ah I am blessed, aren’t I? Are you not?

6. I wonder how many times I have been stopped from drunk-dialling my ex…

7. I wonder how many times has my hair been held back when I threw up. A lot of times, I suppose, because I have never woken up to dirty hair. I can bet on that. (Not even to dirty clothes, considering point 4 above).

8. There are few greater joys than running to your classroom because you are already late, then spotting your best friends and also spotting the empty seat they saved for you. I am sure this makes the awkward I-am-late-and-now-everybody-is-looking-at-me moment is a little bit easier.

9. I hate my friend. She makes sure that I get up on time to not only not miss my first class, but also to not miss the breakfast. How cruel is that! Although it does make me not feel hungry during class and not be whiney the entire day, but still, that IS cruel!

10. And now lastly, there are many things, some evident and some not, which only those “3 friends of yours” would do for you, or know about you. Some they might joke about, maybe in front of your parents over the dinner table when you call them home, or amongst themselves during a lazy Sunday evening. But one thing is a ground rule – only they, and they themselves have the right to mock you, or correct you, or make fun of you (and hell they do that a lot, don’t they?). They alone have the right to advise you, scold you, punish you, beat you – until the problem is fixed. And of course, once the problem is fixed, they deserve their share of a good laugh. Probably a life-long one at that. But thats ok.