10 Very Specific Feelings Only True Avocado Fans Can Relate To


I’m sure you all know by now how much I love avocados! I put them on almost everything — it’s a bit of an obsession. I’m certainly not alone either! There are plenty of BBG girls who can’t get enough! For all my fellow huge avo fans, you will probably identify with these feelings!

1. When the server tells you guacamole costs extra.

2. When no one understands how crucial it is, that you pick the right one.

3. Then the joy of finding the perfect one.

4. Trying to estimate an avocado’s readiness.

5. When you realize your friends picked the only cafe without smashed avo on the menu.

6. Your bookmarks and Pinterest boards are full of avocado recipes, but that doesn’t stop you from searching for more.

7. You’re proud that you’ve found a way to put avo on everything.

8. The words ‘avocado shortage’ genuinely cause you to panic.

9.  The long-awaited avocado emoji will save you so much time.

10. Avocado puns always make you laugh. Always. 

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