7 Crystal Clear Signs It’s Finally Time To Marry Your Forever Person


1. You’re mature and stable.

We’re not just talking about age, although studies say that it’s best to wait until you’re 25 or older before settling down. Maturity is measured by the depth of your individuality and stability — physically, emotionally, and even financially.

If you’re 25 or older, you are likely to have seized more of your life. You have traveled to different places. You have had a lot of experiences in life, discovered more about your identity, established a great career, and earned enough money and assets. After you do all of this, you’re ready to share your fabulous life with your partner, and perhaps, with some kids.

2. Your relationship is deep.

The romantic texts, the stolen kisses in the kitchen, the sensual moments in the couch, the fun movie marathons, and the sweet office hours surprises – all of these precious moments never fail to spice up a relationship. However, the colorful moments could be a facade.

You’ll know if your relationship is deep if you are able to discuss real-life issues, no matter how tough and uncomfortable they may seem. You aren’t afraid to start an argument, especially if it’s meant to work out any kinks in your relationship. And beyond all this, you have to have trust, which is vital for a marriage. Oftentimes, “I trust you” is more meaningful than “I love you.”

3. You know each other completely – and you’re willing to stay.

You know each other so well that you’re not ashamed to express your true colors, vivid or dark, in front of each other.  You know each others routines, favorite things, hopes and dreams, interests, and pet peeves, — and you’ve embraced all of these traits.

If you’re ready to settle down, you’re aware that some of these things, beautiful or not, may remain, may change, or may get worse by the time you live under one roof, and that doesn’t bother you.


4. You don’t want to change your partner.

Albert Einstein once said, “Men marry women with the hope they will never change while women marry men with the hope they will change. Invariably they are both disappointed.”

If you don’t agree on certain things, don’t marry him, assuming the marriage will help him change his mind, his ways, and his bad behaviors. Marry him, because you love the person he is right now, and not the potential of whom he could become.

5. You’re on the same page about children.

To have kids, or not to have kids, that is the question. Having children after getting married is a no-brainer for some, but not for all. Some couples want to prioritize other things like securing a home or traveling while they still can.

The problem rises when you’re not on the same page. You have to discuss the matter with your partner to know where they stand. If you want to have children while your partner doesn’t, you might not be ready for marriage yet.

6. You can’t imagine your future without him.

You’re madly in love with each other and you can’t imagine a life with anyone else. You imagine sticking together through thick and thin, waking up next to each other, and holding each other’s wrinkled hands as you stroll around the park on wheelchairs.

Aside from the beautiful picture you have in your head about the future, you and your partner also make realistic long-term plans together, like how you’re going to travel and make your marriage work when kids, work commitments, and other priorities are present.

7. You’re planning a marriage, not a wedding.

You love watching Say Yes To The Dress and imagining yourself in a stunning laced wedding dress as you walk down the aisle. You have your dream venue, theme, and entourage all mapped out in your head.

But you are even more excited about how your everyday life with your partner will be after all the lights are out and no photographers are around to document your candid moments.

A wedding lasts for a day. A marriage lasts for a lifetime. If you couldn’t have the glitz and glam wedding of your dreams and you’d still choose to be with your spouse, that’s a sign you’re ready for marriage.