10 Things That We Shouldn’t Let Define Us


1. The idea of a perfect life:

No one’s ever had everything happen all at once. Perfection = deception = frustration. Life doesn’t have to be perfect to be meaningful.

2. Relationship status:

Maybe some singles are better off waiting patiently than settling, while there are those who have waited long enough until we found someone who’s worth it all. Either way, we love because we want to give it. We find a soulmate ’cause we’ve defined our own soul and we believe it can brighten up someone else’s if it’s shared.

3. Financial status, possessions, and obsessions:

Pricetags are for objects, not people! We reap what we sow (or save up for). Moreover, we define our own notions of luxury, and they don’t have to be fancy. After all, it’s the priceless things that count.

4. Self-worth, especially on the social side:

The easiest way to failure is pleasing others! We gain enough confidence through what we slowly but surely strive for, not to impress but to express…and progress!

5. Expectations of any sort (especially unrealistic ones):

When we expect, we demand certainty which life can’t promise us. And although it’s good to know what we want, a little randomness can be pretty surprising and exciting.

6. Ideals dictated by society:

They tell you to be yourself, and then they judge you (kind of ironic and unfair, is it not?) We oughta embrace imperfect uniqueness while keeping in mind that the standards of others still aren’t perfect. So why bother trying to measure up?

7. Past life:

Well, let’s be grateful that time never gets stuck! Today is yesterday’s better tomorrow. Time carries on, and so should we.

8. The need to know it all, or do it all:

…because success isn’t just about that. The pursuit of happiness remains as the ultimate chase, regardless of what we know or what we’ve done.

9. Our struggles and shortcomings:

Things could’ve been worse, no matter how undesirable a situation might turn out. The bad news: nothing is permanent. The good news: nothing is permanent.

10. Misconception of YOLO:

Contrary to what we’re convinced, we don’t make life count by doing things that turn us into restless, immature wrecks. It’s about doing what matters most with the only life we have, and then we could say that once is more than enough!