5 Things To Do When The Odds Are Against You


Not having things go our way is not just inevitable– it’s necessary. If it isn’t for these circumstances that push us out of our comfort zones, how then could we discover each of our fullest potentials? Furthermore, it isn’t solely a matter of getting through, but knowing how to get by:

1. When the odds are against you, don’t go against it.

Fighting the current will not help you stay afloat; you can even drown in your situation. It’s probably best to ride with the tides ’cause the flow of life has its way of pushing you into or out of certain phases.

2. Stop wondering why you can’t find the right answers, and start asking the right questions.

It may not be about why it’s happening to you, but about how you can change (or at least, improve) what you’re going through.

3. Find the light.

The bad news? Nothing is permanent. The good news? Nothing is permanent. Look forward to exciting changes, ensuring that the things you’re about to do will bring out a positive transition.

4. Look within.

When there’s nothing you can do about what’s around you, then it’s probably the time to shine within you. When life shuts its doors, it provides a window of perspective.

5. Realize the beauty of waiting patiently (but productively).

In spite of losing control over your situation, you can do the little possible things to get yourself to where you want to be. And while you embrace this privilege, relax in the fact that your life’s purpose will eventually unfold on its own.

“You may not understand what I’m doing now, but someday you will”, says the Creator of Life. (John 13:7)