10 Things We’re All Sick Of Explaining To People After The Breakup


1. Just because you got through it faster doesn’t mean I have to, so stop making me feel bad for still being upset.

2. It’s not as simple as I’m saying, I’m just trying to save you the whole complicated story. So that’s why every time you offer me a bit of advice I’m like, yeah, but…

3. Telling me that I will find someone else is cold comfort, and the last thing I want to hear right now.

4. I know that there are other fish in the sea but right now I want THAT fish.

5. It wasn’t anybody’s fault one way or another.

6. They aren’t necessarily a bad person and by taking my side (although the gesture is kind) you’re making them out to be worse than they are and that fire does not need to be fed right now.

7. Stop telling me ways to get revenge and to show off that I’ve moved on, tell me how you get to a place where you no longer need to do any of that. It’s counterproductive.

>8. Yes, sometimes people can be friends after a breakup. It is usually an indicator of there not being much between them in the first place, so take that knowledge and stop asking questions.

9. Please stop pitying me. I feel pathetic enough as it is.

10. Yeah, obviously I want to drink tonight don’t not invite me because you think I’m sad.

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