The 10 Most WTF Images From The Weirdest Facebook Page You’ll Ever See


Might be old news to some of you, but those as yet informed, the We Do Phoshop Facebook page is a time-wasting, uncanny valley gem. Interpretations are my own, and likely incorrect.

1. Man emerging from a gift box, electronics in hand, tanned, speedo’d, muscular crotch as a backdrop.

2. Exploding gift box.

3. Giant demon-like model from the BODIES exhibit threatening to eat a man on a boat, that’s about to go over Niagra Falls.

4. Giant demon-like BODIES exhibit model menacing a stadium full of humans, who are watching a boy eat something in the very center of a tennis-net-less tennis court.

5. Meerkat sharing a soda with a man.

6. A photograph of a very happy man being photographed holding a photograph taken of himself at the exact same time as him being photographed, in front of a large photograph taken of himself at the exact same time as himself being photographed, as well as several smaller, but of different color, of the same photograph, and a troublesome screaming face to the left of the largest photograph, that may or may not be of himself, taken at the exact same time as himself being photographed.

7. A bear raping a man, his facial expression transposed against the blue sky, over a small mountain; in the distance, hotels.

8. I’m not sure about this one.

9. A very bad operation.

10. I’m not sure about this one either.

Check out more ridiculousness — and the real captions, translated from Korean — over on We Do Phoshop.

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