10 Things Your Best Friend With Anxiety Needs To Hear From You When They’re Down


1. You are more than what you think you are.

Every time you felt unworthy or not enough. Every time you thought you were nothing but a loser, you missed seeing a part of you that is so great. The part that was by my side before whenever I needed you. The part that was courageous enough to fall in love before and to dream and to embrace this world as it is. You missed seeing how you’ve always been good to others and how this kindness you’ve cared to show all the time was always good enough.

2. You think you’re weak but you’re stronger than you think.

Don’t you remember? All those bad days you’ve been through before. All those crazy days, lonely nights, with darkness all around and you suffocating under your pillows. Don’t you remember how gracefully you have survived them. How you were challenged by life a million times that you thought your dreams will never come true but you always came up with a way to defy those challenges. You may have cried sometimes, but what I remember, more than you do, is that you have always tried. That’s what you should do now my friend, just.. try again. One more time. I know you can.

3. You’re not unworthy of love, you just haven’t been appreciated well enough yet.

You are beautiful and you should not wait for somebody to see it to know you are because you are regardless. You have a precious heart and if someone couldn’t value it, don’t you dare think that maybe it’s not as valuable as you think or that maybe it deserves less. Your heart is so precious and it deserves the world.

4. I believe in you. In your potential, your thoughts, your emotions and your dreams.

Others will want to let you down. Tell you how you can’t hold the stars but I’m here to tell you that you’re what Tolle wrote about before, you’re the universe expressing itself as a human for a while. I’m here to tell that you’ve had the stars within you since forever, catching them will be the easiest thing. The world is your playground mate and you’re the best player out there. How I wish you believed in yourself like I believe in you.

5. If you fall, I’ll be here for you.

I’ll have your back. I’ll hold your hand. I’ll help you get up again because that’s what I am here for. Because you’d have done the same for me. But on some days I may not be fully there. I may be a little taken, by life or by death, I’m not sure yet. On these days, however, I want you to keep moving on. Know that I’ll always be in your heart but that, however, some days you’ll have to walk your road alone without me by your side. I want you to know you can do it and to not give up.

6. I want you to be weak with me.

I don’t mind your weakness. Never did and never will. I want you to tell me when you’re tired and when life is too harsh on you. I want you to tell me when you can’t take it anymore. When you wish the suffering was a bit more tolerable. When you tell me this I’ll know how to hold you tightly in my arms. How to soothe your pain away. What you see as weakness, I see as you needing a break from being strong for a long time. That’s something you deserve my friend. Something you shouldn’t worry about asking for at all.

7. Say whatever it is on your mind to me, I’m listening.

If you wish you could get your burdens off your shoulders, throw them on mine. They won’t tire me out as you think they’d. That way, I’ll be sharing them with you. That way we can find a way out of them together. Sharing them would be the realest thing in our friendship because our friendship was not only about the good times but about the bad times no less.

8. If you want to say nothing at all, I’ll sit around and share your silence too.

That’s the thing about friends. You can be comfortable around them even if you’re saying nothing at all because they don’t always need an explanation. Just rest your head on my shoulder, just drink coffee beside me, just stare at the ceiling as I read a book, just let us do nothing for god’s sake. If that’s how it goes, then let it be, I really don’t mind. What matters is that you understand that if you need me, you’ll find me even if you won’t tell me why you need me exactly. I will go through this with you anyways.

9. I want you to let your sadness away for a moment.

Just one single moment so I could tell you this. Think of what the future may hold for you. Think of how there’s no certainties in life. How nothing ever lasts. Even your sadness, that now seems everlasting, won’t last. Think of books, how there has always been a plot twist that turns the story upside down. Now, think of your life as a book, because it is and the beautiful part of it is you never know what plot twist is coming your way. Let your sadness take its time, fine but remember you’re the writer this time, you have to get back to see what you should start doing because it’s probably still in your hands to change the ending. Because what you see as something that marks the end of your life may not be so and there’s still much to do.

10. I’m not going anywhere.

When people change around you. When they’re bored with you or have other people more important in their lives than you. I’ll still be here. When people come and go in your life, it’s me who will always stay. To be true to you as far as I can, to put my hand on yours, to tell you that I love you for all the times we’ve had and all the ones we are yet to have, to tell you that I love you with all your changes and to make sure that the road we’ve been on together we’ll finish together. For as long as life shall be.