22 Selfies Every Twenty-Something Girl Has Posted Online At Some Point


1. The coffee addict selfie.

2. The Hey, look how much fun I’m pretending to have at work selfie.

3. The new, bright, vivid haircolor that I managed to do myself at home selfie.

4. The post break-up selfie, taken two weeks after the actual separation, where you take notice of your jaw line, pronounced cheek bones due to weight loss from stress, and overall melancholic haze that makes you look like a hot widow.

5. The I-just-found-this-dress-in-my-mothers-closet-and-look-how-good-it-sits selfie.

6. The bathroom that doesn’t look like a bathroom because it’s not my bathroom anyway selfie. We all did it. At least a dozen times.

7. The home coming selfie, where you display how much you’ve changed since you were a teen, although your childhood room is pretty much still dolls, flowery sheets and crushes memorabilia.

8. The I just got my first promotion, bitches selfie.

9. The new boyfriend selfie. This can be a series, though.

10. The now and then selfie, where we can all see how much you’ve been working out for the past six months.

11. The sad face selfie, where you’re channelling Lana Del Rey.

12. The I got new lipstick and I must show it to the world selfie.

13. The cat lover selfie. Pretty much self explanatory.

14. The I woke up like this (after having applied some highlighter and concealer) selfie.

15. The I went to a photoshoot and had free professional make-up selfie.

16. The I’m so depressed but look at my outfit yo, selfie.

17. The black and white French girl selfie, where basically anything goes as far as stripes and kajal are involved.

18. The here is me in my underwear finally loving my body channeling my inner Beyonce feeling inspirational to other women selfie.

19. The power of no make up selfie.

20. The Hey this is not my house but look how good I fit in it selfie.

22. The I can party better than everyone watching right now selfie.