10 Upsetting Things People Are Saying About The Trayvon Martin Case


I found a thread on r/AskReddit where someone asked if anyone actually cared about the Trayvon Martin case. Oh LORD. As each of you undoubtedly knows, comments can be mean and snarky, funny and informative. And the a lot of the time they might just be flat out racist! Ah, the things we’re allowed to say behind complicated screen names. Here are 10 of the most racist comments people have made about the Travon Martin case so far. Now how does everyone see why we should be talking about race?

1. ludnik

I’d like to hear GEorge talk about being on his back with TRayvon on top in the “beat down” position pushing the back of ZImmerman’s head into the concrete while he (TRayvon) was reaching for GEorge’s gun. It seems as if TRayvon is being given a pass for anything he was doing while GEorge takes 100% of any blame.

2. Spectrem

Does anyone actually care about the Trayvon Martin case? Because I don’t. Why is it being covered by every major news station as if it were the case of the century? No one I know in person or online mentions it at all. It’s tragic that a kid died, but what makes this case so special?

3. redavid

Cable news likes covering these kinds of trials because it’s easy to do and a large audience likes watching them. I don’t care enough to watch any of it myself.

4. Eel_Kruppe

i honestly hope the guys gets off so a lot of black people start rioting and are subject to police brutality.

5. Cuzimwhite

Its not really all that tragic the kid died. Someone was going to die that night. It was all about who grabbed the gun. Zimmerman was doing his job. The kid made a bad decision and lost. All it is anymore is a race issue, that is why its important. Now if you ask Spike Lee, the kid was killed because he was black, racial profiling. No one ever tried to talk to Spike Lee about tweeting Zimmermans address that ended up being wrong and black panthers showed up to kill him. Nah thats okay. Everyone seems to forget that.

6. meatchunk1

The race pimps sure do like it.

And just who do they think is watching the Trayvon Martin case?

7. NinjaDiscoJesus

gunshop owners?

8. NSP_Mez

Hoodie manufacturers

9. NinjaDiscoJesus

people who make skin whitening products?

10. cuzimwhite

Tell me what do you think Martin was doing? being a productive member of society? That is absurd.

Seems scary.

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