18 Bougie Problems


1. Rolling into the organic bodega or expensive food market of you choice and realizing that they are completely out of Talenti Sorbet, valued at $6.99 a pop. Well what are you going to do now?

2. And for that matter, having a regular “thing” you always buy, whatever it is. The place is out of that, too. But instead of getting a much lesser substitute, you just throw in the towel altogether.

3. The ridiculous stress of interior decorating. What colors should you paint the walls? How much is TOO MUCH to spend on a sofa?

4. What exactly to name your cute French bulldog. Naturally you want something that stands out, but you don’t want it to seem like you’re trying too hard.

5. Or, if you don’t get a French bulldog, you’re like unsure whether you should get a pure breed or a mutt rescue dog. It’s like, do you save an animal OR spend hundreds to thousands on one? Decisions, decisions!

6. You go on a vacation where naturally you bring all of your Apple products (iPad, MacBook, iPhone) but you only brought one cord, which means you can’t charge everything all at once like you’re used to!

7. When your iPad is running out of space and your subscriptions to The New Yorker or what have you won’t download until you clear up some space. Also: should you get the iPad WITH or without data???

8. Getting annoyed when taxies refuse to take credit cards. Although, this one can pretty much annoy anybody who needs a cab and doesn’t carry cash.

9. When the wifi doesn’t work/is slow in the cafe but you have already paid for your muffin and drink. A note to the wise: scope out the wifi scene BEFORE you commit.

10. Trying to decide which pair of awesome designer shoes to pack for the trip. Obviously you can’t bring them all, but you need to make a statement. Oh god, the worry.

11. Losing a sense of what “expensive” means. Thinking certain prices are perfectly normal, when all other beings would definitely find them outrageous!!! You simply think, why of course it costs this much. It’s like they say: you buy cheap, you get cheap.

12. Having to spend your own money on a work trip until your per diem kicks in, ugh. Reimbursements are the worst.

13. Trying to decide which luxury car you would look better in (your first luxury car).

14. Trying to measure whether you should buy an expensive item or do something else with that money. A Givenchy handbag can easily run you $2,000. But that’s also, like, round trip airfare to London, with about $800 left to spend!

15. If you are a black woman and you are trying to decide whether to go natural or relaxed. Natural is healthier and there are so many awesome things you can do with natural hair. But, in some workplaces people see natural hair as “problem.” What to do?

16. When your Macbook dies and you’re like, damn it’s so expensive to get a new one. So you look at PCs, Samsungs, Sonys. They’re so much cheaper but you just…can’t.

17. Going to brunch and you CAN’T get a table.

18. Complaining about how much work you have to do, but actually you work for yourself kind of and you manage your own schedule.

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