10 Valuable Lessons Any Girl Can Learn From A Fuck Boy


The Millennial Generation embraces its hook up culture. We don’t date, we f*ck and have absolutely no shame admitting it.

Although, we really should be more selective about the people we f*ck, sometimes decisions are made in a state of a drunken black out. We have tendencies to send that 2:15 a.m. “f*ck me” text or answer the “never would I ever” f*ck boy’s “come over.”

Then, there are the dating apps! Our generation has been taken over by social media so why would we not use it for a good f*ck? And not surprisingly, f*ck boys use Tinder. One may also use Snapchat, just incase he’s with another chick or actually has a girlfriend.

Ladies, unless you have been living under a rock or have been in a relationship since grade school, you have likely experienced a f*ck boy. They are deceitful, malicious, loathsome and irritating, but some how we have tendencies to fall for their sweet talk every time.

Now that I have experienced my fair share of f*ck boys, here are 10 lessons learned:

1. Never believe, ‘Come over, we can cuddle. Netflix and chill?’

Or anything in relation to these words means sex. Cuddling never means cuddling because even when you lay down to legitimately cuddle, you will feel something prodding your backside. Soon enough your clothes will be on the floor, and you can forget about watching that movie.

2. Don’t be deceived by, ‘Hey Beautiful, I miss you. Hey Gorgeous, come hang out.’

Gag. If you fall for this, you’re an idiot. Not only is he complimenting you, he is sending the same f*cking message to 10 other bitches. So if you run into him at the bar, think about all of the other girls around him who he also sent that message to.

3. When he blurts out ‘I don’t like you. We aren’t anything. I don’t care about you. IDGAF.’

Roll your eyes. These are the things a f*ck boy will verbally say to you while out at the bar for two reasons. A) He is either so blacked out, he doesn’t realize what he’s saying; or B) there is another bitch he’s f*cking somewhere. If the latter happens, as hard as it may be, stay away from her. She will soon realize he’s a piece of shit.

4. When he wants you to stop by his work and say hi …

Don’t. It’s not that he wants to see you. I mean it would be really sweet if he did, but so not the case here, especially if his job is bartending. He wants you to be drunk, so you will be that much easier to f*ck later on.

5. Don’t fall for his call that gives a semi inspirational talk before your big event.

He is only trying to reassure you that he cares. ~ * LOL, smiley face * ~ He does not actually give a f*ck about your goals, aspirations or anything else that you are working toward. He wants you to think that he cares while you’re out of town. In reality, the call is simply a cover up for his plans to f*ck another chick at his bachelor pad.

6. Actually, do not believe any of his pathological lies.

Every girl wants to hear “maybe we could be more,” but it should not be during a 3 a.m. phone call where your groggy ass is half asleep and he is blacked the f*ck out.

7. Don’t show sympathy when you receive the ‘babe come over, I need you’ text.

We all do it, and it’s beyond pathetic. When you are working so hard to be more with a f*ck boy, of course you’ll do anything he asks. This includes coming over to baby his hangovers, or running to whatever gross fast food place to get him a sandwich. Seriously, the amount of money I spent on f*cking hangover food for one guy was ridiculous.

8. A f*ck boy will choose f*cking.

Therefore, your ass has already been objectified. He will only view you as a toy, but will deceive you into believing you two are more.

9. He will apologize for f*cking you over only to f*ck you again.

Every girl wants to hear an apology after the f*ck boy had left her heart broken and in utter disappointment. The truth of the matter is he does not mean anything he says. Most f*ck boys know what a girl wants to hear, and will ultimately weasel his way back in. My best advice is to call him out on his bullshit and be done.

10. Waiting for a f*ck boy to change is a waste of time.

He will talk for hours about how he is going to stop his compulsive behaviors and change because he wants you to believe he can become a better person. He knows he is actually a piece of shit, but manipulates you into thinking he has goals. He is jealous of the things you have going for you, and tears you down when you discuss your own dreams. He is not going to change, so don’t wait around.

Learn from my mistakes and do not get f*cked over by a f*ck boy. They only mind f*ck you and waste your time.