To My Fellow Millennials: Maybe It’s Time For Us To Start Giving A Fuck


People say a lot of things about the Millennial Generation as a whole, and honestly as a millennial living in today’s world, I do not blame the people who stereotype us.

For some God knows reason we have come up with all of these sayings to categorize the things we should be doing for the sake of living, like “adulting.”

Why the fuck is “adulting” a thing? Seriously, this irks me to no end. By the age of 23, every young adult should have their shit together. You should be out of your parent’s house. You should be working toward a career, or working to save money for graduate school or some other goal that allows you to manage your finances. You should also know how to cook, clean, do laundry, pay bills, and take care of yourself.

There are millennials who have no idea how to act like responsible adults because they rely heavily on their parents or older siblings. For the ones who don’t have a job or career goal, or don’t live on their own, partying until dawn seems like an acceptable life choice. These millennials do not give an actual fuck about being reckless, this, that or the other.

Not to mention, if you are working toward a career goal, you should know how to go after what you want without the help of mommy and daddy. It is great to have connections, but also reaching out to people on your own is what a responsible and successful adult does.

Now for millennial relationships, a wild concept considering we live in a world where fuckboy and t.h.o.t. are socially acceptable terms. Dating apps like Tinder and Bumble may make it easier to connect with someone, but once you meet your connection you will realize one of two things; a. that person just wants to fuck, or b. that person is looking for their soulmate. Usually, it’s the former over the latter. Maybe you will be surprised by someone who asks you on a date in a formal manner, and later realize that person just wants to get in your pants.

So, why is it so hard to date in the millennial generation besides the fact we seem like a bunch of horny assholes?

It is because we don’t fucking care.

You can have a perfect date, be close to a relationship or have an amazing fuck session, and never hear from the other person again without an explanation.

Then later on, you may run into the person making out with someone else at bar, and when confronted has nothing to say for their self, except, “I’m just doing me.” Excuse me while I go throw up in a corner. That is the most pathetic excuse everyone seems to be using.

The problem is millennials have been raised in such a self-entitled manner that they only think of themselves and not the other people their actions affect. It’s as if we do not recognize each other as human beings with feelings. Some people are okay saying fuck it, but some millennials have a harder time because God forbid the other person has good morals and actually cares about the person they were seeing.

When did it become the social norm to play games in relationships? Why is it so much easier to say are you, “DTF?” then say, “I want to get to know you.”? I get it, it’s so much easier to not open yourself up to other people, and by playing games with a bunch of people you never put yourself in a vulnerable state of being hurt.

But could we as a generation just try?

Can we engage in intellectual conversation? Can we see people for more than what they are on the surface? Can we sit down with another person and really listen to what they are saying without the distraction of checking our phones every two minutes? Can we see people’s souls by looking into their eyes when they speak?

We as a generation need to start giving an actual fuck.