10 Ways To Get Yourself Out There Again After A Heartbreak


After a major heartbreak, we often shy away from reality. We swear to ourselves that we will never ever love again because we are afraid that we would only get hurt all over again. But that should not be the attitude, everyone should learn that pain comes with love. If you’re not willing to get hurt then you are not willing to love at all. Heartbreak is really hard but it’s something that one must experience to truly appreciate what love is. So stop worrying too much, just like what Ed Sheeran said, “a heart that’s broke is a heart that’s been loved”.

If you are having a hard time going back to the dating scene, let us help you. Here are the 10 ways you can date again after having your heart broken:

1. Entertain New People

Always, always entertain people. Whether or not you are ready to love again, it is best to entertain people as you don’t want to just lie in your bed crying over what’s happened. Meet new friends and it will start from there.

2. Download Dating Apps

In our generation today, it is not really hard to find love. Dating apps are everywhere and you better download one so you can find your true match. Just be careful with who you talk to as some are not really serious about dating and finding love, most of them are just in it to have sex.

3. Book A Flight

Book a flight! Go somewhere you’ve never been and explore the cities and towns of a certain country. It is important to immerse yourself with different kinds of culture and people. Again, entertain new people along the way. Dating can’t be done solo.

4. Visit Romantic Cities

When you are on a trip, try to visit romantic cities. You may find the right one there. Just have patience and things will surely fall into place. Romantic places are filled with romantic people so better get your hopeless romantic heart ready!

5. Go Hiking

Hiking is a great way to forget your ex and start meeting new people. Other than that, hiking itself is a great exercise to release endorphins. Sometimes, you just got to sweat things out.

6. Dispose Old Stuff

Still holding on to your old pictures and gifts? Dispose them. That’s the hardest thing to do but you have to. Don’t let old memories hold you back from dating. They don’t own you now, you own yourself again.

7. Go On A Retreat

A retreat will not just give you time to reflect about things, it will also make you feel brand new as it is also considered a form of renewing oneself. It’s about throwing away the negative things that happened so you can start a new life.

8. Research Online

Yes. You’re doing it right. You are reading this article. There’s nothing wrong with researching online about dating, everything can be found in the internet anyway and there are more resources online to get advise for when you can’t have someone to talk to.

9. Pray To God

Always have faith. Whatever your religion is, always and always pray to your lord. It won’t hurt reaching out to Him. Give thanks and always obey your lord.

10. Tell Someone You Love ‘Em

Just tell someone you love them. Whether it’s your friend or your crush, there’s really nothing to lose. Dating is something that you should not force so just let people know that you love them.

Dating again after a major heartbreak is really hard. It’s like you’re about to start something again and you’re not sure if it will last for a long time or not. Love is really about taking risks. If you want to experience love again, you should learn to take risks again.