PSA: Being Busy Doesn’t Mean That You’re Living A Full Life


When was the last time you sat at the dinner table with your family?

You were at the office, discussing plans with your team and anticipating the upcoming week because your month-long project is about to come to an end at last. It’s Friday and your workmates invited you for a drink. It’s been a hell of a week, after all, and it’s time to give yourself a break.

Meanwhile, in your humble home stood your mom, waiting to catch a glimpse of your shadow at the door. It’s 8:30 PM and the food she prepared were left untouched on the dining table. Your dad was watching the replay of his favorite football game, munching on the red velvet cake that your elder sister brought for his birthday.

By 11 PM, when you were too tipsy to remember anything, you remembered. It was your dad’s birthday and you should’ve gone home early for dinner.

When was the last time you spent time with your best friend?

She was there for you when you were at your most vulnerable. Remember when you found out your boyfriend was sleeping with another girl? Your best friend, your soul sister, your sister from another mother, was there to comfort you. She made you laugh all the time, brought you to music festivals and museums to help you forget the pain.

Now she’s going through a difficult time, but you are always out of reach. She wanted to break the news personally, but you’re always busy. She wouldn’t hit you up for fear of getting rejected. Lately, you’re always canceling out on your lunch outs and dinner dates. She’d invite you to meet up with her, but then you’re always doing freelance gigs, always taking your work at home because you want to get promoted. She didn’t want to bother you anymore. You’ll have time for her after this project, you’d always say. But the projects at work never ends and her time is running out. She’s terminally ill.

When was the last time you treated yourself to a movie?

You used to love adventures. You’d go backpacking with strangers and conquer the highest mountains, hit the most beautiful beaches with your squad, try new things with your significant other. You used to enjoy what life has to offer.

Now all you ever do is aim for promotion. You want to step up your career for a brighter future. You have side gigs to earn additional income and save up for the future. You keep planning for the future when all that really matters is now. You keep forgetting that all you have is the moment.

You always think about the future, but have you ever considered living for the moment?

You keep planning for old age that you fail to remember that your parents are getting older and older each day. You keep making new friends that you fail to remember the value of true friendship. You keep focusing on your career that you fail to make time for things that matter.

Just because you’re busy doesn’t mean you’re living life to the fullest. Keep your priorities in check and remember that we only have one life to live. If you want to make the most out of it, love who you love and give them your all—the rest doesn’t matter.