100 Worthwhile Things You Should Always Be Working On


  1. Showing love freely
  2. Forgiving those who are sorry
  3. Accepting your shortcomings
  4. Refusing to allow your shortcomings to be the end of you
  5. Listening
  6. Feeling a little bit uncomfortable
  7. Finding solutions
  8. Not coveting the possessions of others, especially if you have no plan to earn them yourself through hard work
  1. The quickness and ease with which you’re willing to share
  2. Not losing sight of your goal
  3. Being an excellent guest
  4. Inclusiveness
  5. Knowing when to give up your impulse to control a situation
  6. Keeping your mind fresh with games and puzzles
  7. Reading situations in general—being tuned into to the feelings of others
  8. Protecting what you’ve built
  9. …but knowing when to walk away for good
  10. Properly shampooing your hair
  11. Smiling!
  12. Liking what you like without fear of being judged for it
  13. Keeping my name out of your fucking mouth
  14. Taking the high road
  15. When appropriate, options outside of pharmaceuticals
  16. Shamelessness
  17. Staying off your phone during meals and conversations
  18. Ridding yourself of the expectation of special treatment
  19. Mending relationships that went sour due to temporary ego inflation (on either or both sides).
  1. Taking a beat before responding to important questions
  2. Feeling beautiful
  3. Know when you are wrong and admit fault
  4. Whatever it is that makes you feel sexy
  5. Calling your insecurities out for the bullshit that they are
  6. Your karma
  7. Refusing to engage in unhealthy conversations
  8. Freeing yourself of emotional and physical clutter
  9. Healthier boundaries with your electronics
  10. Communicating gracefully
  11. Taking a hit gracefully
  12. Rewatching Grace Under Fire
  13. Just—anything that has to do with “grace” is a good thing
  14. 10,000 hours of the thing you love most (Marathoning Dateline doesn’t count).
  1. Saving your money, for fuck’s sake
  2. Partying responsibly
  3. Saying “no” to optional tasks that you’ll dread having to do
  4. Keeping your leash long if you desire a leash at all
  5. Kicking down anything that stands between you and your dreams
  6. Remembering that feeling “dead inside” or any variation of that is a defense mechanism that will melt away when you chose to let it
  1. Not dwelling on money poorly-spent
  2. Seeing the inner child of someone that you’re angry with
  3. Staying in your own lane
  4. Refining your tastes
  5. Your tendency to cling to material possessions
  6. Autonomy
  7. Maintaining a healthy relationship with your family
  8. At the end of the day, not really giving a fuck what anyone thinks about you
  9. Fostering the dreams of your loved ones
  10. Bravery
  11. Simple improvements to your living environment
  12. Personal hygiene
  13. Maintaining good health for the sake of yourself and those that love you
  14. Not defining yourself by the balance on your ATM receipt
  15. Shedding harmful actions from your routines
  16. The ability to live with your choices
  17. Constantly reminding yourself that you are not your relationship status and are personally responsible for your own life
  1. Consumption of all things unnecessary
  2. Learning how to spell “unnecessary” and other words that your fingers always fumble while typing
  1. Breathing
  2. Laughing at yourself first
  3. Allowing yourself to have a good time, goddamnit
  4. The scent of your home
  5. Checking your boobs for lumps and bumps (even if you’re a dude.
  6. Seeing as many sides of a given issue as possible
  7. Self-education
  8. Remembering that people’s actions are rarely a reflection of their feelings for you
  1. Recognizing your own passive-aggression and realizing that it’s just another form of cowardice
  1. Knowing when to not say a word
  2. … and speaking up for what’s right when no one else will
  3. Filling out those Moleskine notebooks you’ve accumulated over the years instead of buying new ones and thinking that you’ve finally found the one worth keeping up with
  1. Making decisions based on the greater good, not your personal gain
  2. Keeping your head out of your own ass
  3. Allowing yourself to go fucking crazy once in awhile
  4. Saying “yes” as frequently as possible, even if you’re not sure why
  5. Forgiving yourself for all of those times that you went fucking crazy
  6. Unwisely putting your love for another before your love for yourself
  7. Refusing to let others tell you who you are
  8. Allowing yourself to really believe that your failures are leading you to your biggest success
  1. Financial, spiritual and emotional generosity
  2. Knowing when it’s someone else’s day
  3. Acting without ulterior motives
  4. Depersonalizing disappointments
  5. Listening to new music
  6. Challenging yourself to finish that book you’ve been picking up and putting down for six months
  1. Watching “the classics” – you don’t want to be the person at the cocktail party who’s never seen Chinatown, Gaslight or All About Eve
  1. Your ability to find humor in almost any situation
  2. Following up with people you love about things you know are troubling them
  1. Your relationship with nature
  2. Challenging your prejudices
  3. Building a personal relationship with some sort of higher power
  4. Making others feel comfortable
  5. Remembering that you are loved and never truly alone