25 Signs That You’re At A Party With Young People


We’ve all been there. You’re at a party, maybe it’s for your sister’s birthday or your less mature friend dragged you there. Suddenly you begin to look around. Something just doesn’t seem right. This isn’t like the parties that you usually go to. It then dawns on you: you’re definitely the oldest person at the party. And when we say oldest we aren’t talking your birthday is two or three months before everyone else. This puts you in a strange and unpredictable situation so it’s important to quickly pick up on this. When at a party that you’re unsure about look for these signs.

1. There is no welcome party when you arrive. You just walk right in even if it’s a complete stranger’s house.

2. The music is so loud that trying to maintain a conversation is next to impossible.

3. Many girls are so dressed up that they look like they’re headed to the VIP section of a Vegas night club.

4. Natty Ice and Keystone are the most prevalent drinks.

5. Through the course of the night you hear multiple uses of the word bro such as brother, broski, brosef or brah.

6. Even one person is spotted throwing up.

7. The beer pong table is the center of the party.

8. Any mention of police sends the whole place into panic mode. People will be looking for the closest exit, willing to do whatever it takes to get out.

9. Asking if they have any wine is about the most insulting thing you could do.

10. There is a line at the bathroom. Adults can actually control their bladder.

11. To avoid any embarrassment or arrests you feel the need to ask to see a valid form of identification before you start hitting on anyone.

12. The minute that the supply of alcohol starts to run low everyone is sent into a complete frenzy. You’re suddenly at church with a collection plate being passed around.

13. Most people don’t show up until after midnight.

14. You make a reference from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and a confused partygoer asks if that’s the show with Jaden’s dad.

15. Someone feels the need to act like the DJ instead of just connecting a iPod to some speakers.

16. People feel the need to hang out on in the front yard despite the fact that the party is happening inside and its 2 o’clock in the morning.

17. Your multiple attempts to get the “DJ” to play any music from Chingy are unsuccessful.

18. The majority of people at the party are complete strangers to you and probably even the homeowner.

19. The odds of a fight happening are much greater than one happening between Mayweather and Pacquaio.

20. The host of the party is nowhere to be seen because they’re probably the one that is throwing up.

21. There is definitely a room designated to smoke weed in.

22. The few conversations among the girls that you can somewhat hear seem to be centered on a person named Dylan O’Brien. You can’t gather whether she is there or not.

23. It’s a guarantee that the amount of people crashing at the house that night will be in double digits.

24. The party is still going strong when Matt Lauer is presumably getting ready for the Today show to start.

25. You’re the only person there that has ever watched the Today Show.