11 Intimate Acts That Might Mean Absolutely NOTHING To Him


1. Having sex. Be careful, because he might want your body and only your body. Not a girlfriend. Not a relationship. Not a genuine emotional connection. Just an orgasm.

2. Texting all night long. Even if you stayed up extra late to talk to him about the minuscule details of your life, it doesn’t mean you’re on your way to becoming a couple. He might’ve been up anyway. And he might’ve been talking to other girls at the same time. He might’ve been having the same conversations with them or even more intimate conversations with them.

3. Holding hands. If he does this in public, when you’re surrounded by people you know, he probably does want to date you. But if he only holds your hand when you’re alone in his bed, then it doesn’t mean as much as you think it does. It might mean nothing at all.

4. Cuddling. Some men want a warm body pressed up against them, because it’s comforting (and usually leads to sex). They don’t necessarily care who that woman is. They don’t necessarily want a relationship with her.

5. Receiving oral sex. You might be so used to giving orgasms that you freak out when you actually get one. But some men are gentlemen. Even if you’re just a one-night stand, they’ll still eat you out.

6. Talking about his past. Your friends know all about your childhood crushes and embarrassing moments, don’t they? Then hearing about his past doesn’t guarantee that he wants to date you. But he at least sees you as a friend, which is better than nothing.

7. Flirting. Some men find a woman they really like and flirt with her and only her. Other men flirt with every girl they see, regardless of whether or not they’re actually interested. It depends on the guy. His flirting could mean everything or nothing at all.

8. Paying for your meal. Some men will take you out to dinner, hoping to get laid or start a FWB relationship. It’s not a date-date. It’s just casually hanging out.

9. Exchanging nudes. He might send dick pics to every woman that seems the slightest bit attracted to him. The picture he sent you might not have even been taken for you. It might’ve been taken for the last girl or the girl before that.

10. Kissing. Even if that first kiss felt amazing, it doesn’t mean that there’s going to be a second one. It’s not because you were a bad kisser or because he got bored of you. It’s not because you’re unattractive or unsuccessful. It just happens.

11. Telling you how much he likes you. He might be telling you this to lead you on. Or to fuck with you. Or because he does really like you, even though he’s not ready to commit to you.