40 Reminders For When He Makes You Feel Like Crap


1. You don’t need his attention to feel beautiful, his friendship to feel lucky, or his love to feel whole.

2. You’ll never find real love if you’re still stuck on an old love.

3. He’s going to regret losing you as much as you regret wasting your time with him.

4. There’s nothing more beautiful than a woman that realizes she’s worthwhile.

5. If he makes you feel shitty this early on in the relationship, imagine what he’ll act like if you two get married.

6. The version of him in your daydreams is totally different than the real version of him, so stop putting him on a pedestal.

7. If he really loved you, then he wouldn’t make you feel this way.

8. An unanswered text is a good sign. It means it’s time to move on.

9. Maybe he wasn’t your soulmate — maybe he was just another boy.

10. If you can’t trust him, then you can’t build a life with him.

11. You should spend your nights masturbating over him — not crying over him.

12. You don’t get to decide whom you fall for, but you get to decide how much shit you take from them.

13. You thought you’d never get over that boy in high school and you did, which means you’ll get over this boy, too.

14. It’s better for him to break your heart now than ten years from now.

15. Your comfort is more important than his ego.

16. He might be cute now, but his looks will fade and his crappy personality will stay the same.

17. You can fall in love again and again and again. It’s not a one-time opportunity.

18. You’re too pretty to be frowning so often.

19. The love you have for yourself matters more than the love from a friendly stranger.

20. If one of your friends was dating a guy like him, wouldn’t you tell her to dump him?

21. Your standards aren’t too high. His expectations are just too low.

22. You’ll feel better after a glass of wine and a night out with the girls.

23. Relationships are meant to reduce your stress — not add to it.

24. You can’t change him, no matter how deeply you love him.

25. If you spend less time on boys, you’ll have more time to spend on your career, your friends, and your passions.

26. There are plenty of men out there that are less douchey than him and more attractive than him.

27. He isn’t thinking about you, so why should you continue thinking about him?

28. Boys aren’t the answer to your problems, so stop looking to relationships for validation.

29. It’s your job to make yourself feel whole.

30. Tinder takes two seconds to download, and you don’t have to talk to the men you match with. You can just use all of your new matches as a confidence boost.

31. Promises are broken more than they’re kept.

32. All you have to do is press a button to delete him from Facebook (and your life).

33. You’re strong enough to handle this heartache — and the next one.

34. Just because you love each other doesn’t mean that you’re meant to stay together.

35. Instead of focusing on the message he hasn’t responded to, look through your messages to see who you haven’t responded to and start a conversation.

36. You can live without him, and you can thrive without him.

37. Your boyfriend is meant to be your best friend — not an enemy.

38. Missing him isn’t a sign that you should text him again.

39. One day, the relationship will end in marriage instead of a breakup.

40. You deserve to be loved deeply. Madly. Unconditionally. Forever.