11 Reasons Why Despite Everything You’re Still Single


1. You were once in a relationship or maybe a few and got your heart broken, but you never found healing. Instead, subconsciously you’re still looking for your ex in everyone who smiles at you.

2. There is a list of potential partners in your phone. Including the ones you’ve dated in the past. They occasionally Send you a good morning text. Their number isn’t saved, because you’ve contemplated often about letting them go. But instead of closing that chapter, you allow yourself to be swept off your feet; only to be disappointed and left flat on your face, again.

3. Deep down inside you have hidden beliefs. You don’t think you’re worthy of being in a relationship, so even if someone incredible came around, you’d ruin it, because you haven’t taken the time to work on the stories you’ve created about yourself.

4. You’re too busy trying to find a partner and you are neglecting the fact that you need to become all of the things you’re looking for in order to attract what you desire.

5. You continue to surrender pieces of your soul to people who don’t deserve you.

6. The perfect person who broke your heart was a gift from God. He sent them to be a perfect mirror of yourself so you can see the parts of yourself that need healing. Instead of being grateful for this, you spend your time blaming yourself and judging your ex for what happened.

7. Before finding a perfect partner you must find a purpose. You’re still single, because the last time you dated someone, you started depending on them to fulfill you, but only your purpose and God can do that.

8. You have not set your own standards for a relationship, so the people you attract set the standards for you; leaving you unfulfilled and disappointed.

9. Maybe you’re still single because you truly are one of a kind. You’ve been gifted the opportunity of a lifetime: time. Time and sacred space to work on becoming the masterpiece you were designed to be.

10. I promise you eventually someone will come into the picture the moment you start running this race as best you can. They will find you. And when they do, you will value yourself so much that you’ll choose them. Not out of desperation, but from a conscious place.

11. In the meantime, you’re still single, because God loves you enough to heal you and mold you before connecting your soul with another soul.