4 Things You Can Do Right Now To Help Overcome Your Anxiety


First, thank you for being alive, the world needs you.

Anxiety is a common experience, but regardless of it being common, it is challenging. It leaves us feeling overwhelmed and overpowered by a feeling of worry. Some of us can go on hiding it for years, while others have full blown panic attacks. Regardless of where you are in dealing with your anxiety, remember to be patient with yourself. Let’s start with 4 things you can do NOW to find more joy and overcome your anxiety:

1. Acceptance. This is not a cliche, this is a fact. Yes you’re aware that you are struggling with anxiety, but have you accepted it? Awareness and acceptance are different. In order to transform any challenge, you must accept it first. Choose your anxiety. I want you to breathe and say this out loud three times: “I choose my anxiety.” “I choose my anxiety.” “I choose my anxiety.” Truly feel that acceptance. Only then can we start transformation.

2. Your Diet. What you eat can either be medicine or poison. The foods you eat not only impacts your body, but also your mind and emotions. It is important and necessary to eat consciously and choose only foods that will fuel your body. Donuts, candy, sugar, starch, hybrid fruits and vegetables are not food. When you eat these substances you are intaking garbage that will harm your body and further induce anxiety. From this moment it is critical for you to commit to yourself and your body by eating foods that will nurture your body and soul. Some options include: soursop, tila tea, bay leaves, nopales, plums, foods rich in magnesium, cantaloupe, and lots of water.

3. Rest. Like time, the bodily functions are constantly in motion. There is a definite relationship between our bodies and the universe. If the sun rises and sets, so should we. There is a time to be in motion and active, there is a time to rest. We function best when waking up before sunrise and sleeping by 10pm. Through these practices we invite our bodies to rejuvenate itself. There is often a direct correlation between anxiety and insomnia, for this reason it is necessary to create a routine that will allow you to receive ample rest. This may require drastic changes, but it is worth it. Move with the sun and this too shall pass.

4. Don’t Judge Yourself. For as long as I can remember, I’ve made my anxiety wrong. I judged myself for being this way and for the days I couldn’t get out of bed. I judged myself for the pain in my chest. I called myself anti-social for not wanting to speak with people. Have some grace for yourself. You truly are doing your best and sometimes your best may look like laying in bed for the day to gather the energy you need to make it through the week. When your anxiety kicks in, say welcome back and allow yourself to fully feel your emotions without making it wrong. It simply is and one day, you’ll look back and thank yourself for being brave enough to choose yourself, even when others didn’t. Keep going. This too shall pass.