11 Signs You’re The Kind Of Person Who Actually DOES Give A Fuck (And That’s A Good Thing)


1. You take how other people feel into consideration.

2. You’re able to balance what you want to do vs. what you should do. Because the reality is we don’t always get our way. And understanding that is important.

3. You recognize when you’re being insecure or irrational and don’t take it out on other people. If you’re feeling shitty, you own it. You don’t make fun of others to make yourself feel temporarily better.

4. People are comfortable opening up to you. You usually end up being a stand-in therapist for your friends. Why? Because you care. And people can tell that sort of thing.

5. You make an effort to better yourself. And I’m not talking in any superficial way. But you strive to work through your issues (while still practicing self-love) so that you can continue evolving and learning more about yourself and the world.

6. You don’t play games when it comes to dating. You’re not into wasting time waiting for someone to text or pretending to be Cool and Apathetic. You’re honest with how you feel.

7. And when you end up in a romantic situation where your heart gets broken, you let yourself feel it out instead of going numb. Sometimes things hurt. You understand the validity in that.

8. You’re emotionally aware. This gets confused and mislabeled as overly emotional. There’s a difference. Being able to recognize how you feel and honor it is actually fairly difficult and usually something more evolved people can do.

9. You believe in giving people second chances. This doesn’t make you stupid. This makes you brave.

10. You’re not afraid to get invested in an idea or a person. Even though it can be terrifying, you’d rather give yourself an opportunity to get excited. You know that building walls only promises one thing – keeping people out.

11. You feel things passionately. Maybe it’s about a project you’re just starting or a hobby you’ve had forever. You put your whole heart into whatever you do. And it’s a contagious excitement that makes others want to be around you.