Not Everything In This World Makes Sense, But You And I Did


A lot of things don’t make sense in this world. I don’t know why the sky is blue, or why we have to get taught algebra in middle school, but I do know one thing for sure. I know that you and I made complete sense.

You and I were the perfect wash of primary colors. We were the perfect mix of sugar and spice, the perfect concoction that I have ever been a part of. We were the breathtaking sunset that people stop and stare at, and we were the perfect autumn day, too cold for just a dress, and just crisp enough for a jacket.

Out of all the questions in this world, you were the one thing I never had to doubt. And out of all the worries I had formed in my head, you were never a worry of mine.

And out of all the concerns I had when it came to love, I always knew it was real with you.

I’m not good at math or science. I don’t know how we came into this world, or why we were picked to be put together in this lifetime, but I’m so happy that it happened. I’m so happy that we happened.

I don’t know what exactly happened when we laid eyes on each other. Maybe it had something to do with science, or biology, but I’d like to believe it was magic.

We were magic, you and I. 

It didn’t even have to be said or written about. Just by looking at us, you would know that we were something special. Every damn time I looked into your eyes, I saw my whole world. And every time you wrapped me up in your arms, I felt the earth spin, just like my heart.

We did everything together. You sheltered me from the storms of high school and college. You kissed my eyes to blind me from the trauma. I held you through your sadness and kissed your tears away. I remember our fingers being wrapped around one another so perfectly.

We were the universe in two human beings. And we had the universe when we were with each other. We had it all.

I guess something so magic and powerful had to end at some point.

But that doesn’t take away from what we had. The ending doesn’t take away our beginning. We still made sense. We still do, in my mind and in my words that I write for you everyday.

You still make sense to me.

And we still live on, in my memory.