11 Things My Psychic Mother Taught Me About Life


There are many advantages to growing up with a psychic mother. My mother informs me of what lies ahead as well as guiding me down the right path. She does this while still letting me learn and grow naturally. I’ve applied what she’s taught me and have noticed how drastically my life has changed for the better.

1. I’ve come to believe everything happens for a reason. We make mistakes in which we’re suppose to learn and grown from. I live a life of no regrets because I’ve realized that everything was suppose to happen in order for myself to become the best me.

2. Many of my questions have been answered once I started to trust my intuition. That little voice inside your head is real and it’s guiding you. We often find ourselves reflecting back and realizing that our gut is right. Listening to that instinct is one step closer to being able to connect with yourself–which is very important.

3. I learned to let go and accept that timing is everything. We are all walking on this path and we shouldn’t force anything to disturb our pace. When the timing is right, it will come to you–whatever it may be. Holding onto negative things/people just because you’re scared of losing them forever is not healthy. If it is meant to be, time will find its way to bring it back to you.

4. I’ve begun to embrace the change in my life. I was told that something new and beautiful is waiting for me and that I needed to adapt to it. If you refuse to move forward in life, you will miss this opportunity to grow.

5. I no longer live in the past; I live in the now. We all need to focus on what we’re doing in the moment and not so much on the past or the future. We need to center ourselves on the present. We all have a bright future if we concentrate on what is happening now.

6. We aren’t given anything we couldn’t handle. Everything is already laid out for us. It’s our job to determine our destiny. We all have a purpose here and each one of our goals is achievable–if you reach for it. The toughest challenges are brought upon the strongest people.

7. Our lives are like equilibrium scales and we should never lose our balance. We are given a certain amount of energy and we must maintain it. Pouring all your power into another human being or an aspect of your life will affect negatively by weighing you down in another portion of your life. It’s important to find that balance and equal it out. We tend to forget to invest energy in ourselves. You are most important.

8. Living with a negative mind-set will get you nowhere. Every pessimistic thing you say or do will only work against you. You are draining your power and it will lead to self-destruction slowly but surely. We all don’t enjoy being around people who have nothing nice to say–don’t become one of them.

9. Self-preservation is key. Each of us is our own one-man army. We must protect ourselves, love ourselves, and save ourselves. Find happiness in yourself and not in others. You are the only person you can depend on.

10. Positive thinking will get you where you want to go. Many of us don’t know that living a positive lifestyle is one of the most powerful assets we have. Expect good things to happen and they will. Erase negative thoughts and replace them with optimistic ones. Surround yourself with love.

11. Growing in leaps and bounds is the most challenging. Not all of us are going to experience smooth sailing. Our roads will have bumps and these obstacles are teaching us along the way. Open your eyes and look at the signs. There are symbols in your life that are signaling you in the right direction. The recovery from these bumps is what personal growth is all about. The road may be windy, but you will get there–with time and at the right time.