21 Wonderful Things In Life That We Take For Granted


1. Music (LearningLifeAsIGo)

I think most people take music for granted. The art, mathematics and science behind it. It is a human-invented concept, that is constantly evolving. It can be as simple as a three chord rock song or as complex as a four act Wagner opera.

2. Being on the top (homemadejelly)

Being at the top of the food chain. I’m on my way to work now and I’m not worried about a panther eating me.

3. Books (Yujiok)

Books, I cant make an accurate estimate on how many different types of books there are but each one of those gives a different message and no matter who you are there is most likely a 100% chance there is a book or thousands of books that pertain to your interests, you just need to find them.

4. Nothing (Greci01)

And I really mean the idea of nothing; those moments where you don’t have to do anything, just sit, think, and stare.

It seems to me that those precious moments that allow for self-reflection and peace of mind are hugely underestimated. Especially in today’s world where some people find it impossible to have those moments and are rather glued to their smart phone or tablet. We really don’t appreciate the idea of nothing and take it for granted.

5. Water (GooBerry)

Nations that have ample access to clean water, endless supplies of water rarely seem to understand how important that is.

6. Communication (YS15118)

The ability to communicate ideas, images, and stories to another person using odd noises we make with our mouths. And conversely, the ability to comprehend these odd noises and transform them into ideas, images, and stories. Language is fascinating.

7. Senses and sensation (whatisyournamemike)

To see

To hear

To touch

To taste

To feel

To laugh

And to love

8. 7-11 (jert2)

The number of different drinks available at 7-11.

Trust me, if there was a nuclear war or a zombie apocalypse, you’d really finally be able to appreciate it. We’ve come along way in last few hundred years.

9. Dogs (bennyboy5o1)

Dogs… it’s pretty awesome that they care about humans as much as they do

10. Air (watierdave)

How awesome is a deep breath?

11. The little things (JessieAnonymous)

Pulling the plastic off of new electronics. Petrichor. The cool side of the pillow. Turning on the radio and the song you were thinking of comes on. Finding an exceptionally old penny. Hugs. Having a good hair day. Waking up before the alarm clock. Parents. The feeling of new socks. Cuddling with a pet. Getting an A on a really hard test. Making someone smile.

12. Reflections on a wet road (boredguy12)

13. Appreciating (Glumbum12348)

Sometimes when I run outside to take out the trash I’ll see the sun setting. Damn we always forget how beautiful this planet is.

14. Phones (Jeremyjud)

Walking around with practically unlimited information in our pockets.

15. Traveling (danrennt98)

The ability to travel across the world and interact with all sorts of people. There are so many places and beautiful things I can see and appreciate. And yet some people choose to never leave their one hometown.

16. Free time (allyallmfersneed___)

Everyone seems to think that we have to fill our time with….something. Looking back, some of the best feelings I’ve had is sitting and just soaking it all in.

17. Bagels (fromtheyear2093)

With cream cheese.

18. Breathing (airamir6)

19. Fingers ( xXEvanatorXx)

Imagine a snake. He must get so frustrated. “I really want to pick that item up, but I don’t want to put it in my mouth.”

20. Each other (A_Game_of_Scones)

21. Good weather (TheCasemanCometh)

It’s seriously underestimated, but for most people a sunny day in the mid-70’s (Fahrenheit) with maybe a little breeze will put them in a good mood all day, without them even realizing why.

image – vee-o