11 Women Reveal Exactly How (And Why) They Fake An Orgasm


1. “I never fake it when I’m in a serious relationship, because I want the guy to know the right way to touch my body. But during one-night stands, I usually always fake it to make the guy feel better about himself. And it’s not like I’m ever going to see him again, so it doesn’t matter if he gets it all wrong.” — Amber, 24

2. “I’ll admit, I do it more than I should. Whenever I’m tired. Whenever I’m stressed. My husband doesn’t stop until we both get off, so sometimes I fake it so that he’ll finally let himself orgasm and roll off of me.” — Erin, 28

3. “Never. At least not anymore. When I first met my boyfriend, I faked every orgasm. He had no idea that I’d never actually ‘finished’ during sex with a man. Eventually, I admitted everything to him and we started figuring out ways to make me orgasm for real. Now, our sex life is better than ever. So, please please please, don’t lie. Even if it feels easier in the moment. Because it’ll hurt you in the long run.” — Kayla, 26

4. “I’ve never faked it on purpose. But I moan a lot. So guys have assumed that I came when I wasn’t even close.” — Madison, 21

5. “I don’t fake my orgasms, because I deserve my orgasms. If something isn’t working, I tell him and then we’ll switch positions or he’ll go down on me for a few minutes. We figure it out as a team.” — Nicole, 23

6. “I try not to fake it. I really do. But sometimes an orgasm just isn’t going to happen. I can tell that my body isn’t into it for whatever reason that day. Usually, I’ll tell my boyfriend the truth and he’ll stop. But, sometimes, he tries so hard I just feel so bad. I want to make him happy. So I play pretend.” — Sara, 27

7. “I fake it when it’s been going on for too long. I’m sorry, but my vagina gets irritated if we go at it for like, a half hour. I don’t want to be in pain for the rest of the day and faking it is the easy way out.” — Morgan, 22

8. “I do it early on in relationships a lot, because I feel pressured and I want to make a good first impression and look sexy and — I’m rambling and it’s stupid, I know. But I guess it’s the pressure.” — Lauren, 25

9. “I fake it when I’m in pain. I feel like telling him it hurts will ruin the mood and he won’t orgasm, so I’ll either make him pull out and go down on him. Or I’ll fake it. And before anyone criticizes me, yes, I’ve been to the doctors. I’ve tried longer foreplay. Lube. But no matter what I do, sex hurts on occasion so… I fake it. I’m not saying it’s what you should do. But it’s what I do.” — Kelsey, 30

10. “I can’t fake it. Believe me, I’ve tried. But my fiancé knows me way too well. He called me out on it the last time I tried.” — Chelsea, 23

11. “I fake it when he’s doing a shitty job, but I really want to orgasm, which sounds counterproductive. But as soon as the sex is over, I can go to the bathroom and masturbate. Takes hours with him, but only two minutes with my hands.” — Emily, 25